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HUGE NEWS! Desperate Clinton Campaign Taps Convicted Pedophile’s BFF to Stump in Iowa

The most recent national polls show an eroding lead for the once thought as inevitable candidate, Hillary Clinton. 2008 is calling Hillary, and this time, it’s Bernie Sanders on the line.

Over the summer, Clinton enjoyed a sizeable lead over Bernie Sanders, however, according to Fox News, the latest…’poll showed Clinton with a 15 point lead nationally, that is down from a 25 point advantage as recently as two months ago’.

Adding to the Clinton campaign’s angst, the Real Clear Politics poll in New Hampshire show Sanders with a 13 point lead and gaining on Clinton in Iowa, suggesting she may begin the 2016 race with two losses.

To stave off Sanders’ momentum, Clinton’s campaign turns to its secret weapon as former President Bill Clinton hits the trail to stump for his wife in Iowa.

Most would say, Bill Clinton, the charismatic, charming and likable guy is a huge asset for the cold, stiff and barely tolerable presumptive Democrat nominee, but most are unaware of just how heavy the Clinton baggage will be this political season.

While the Clinton campaign was prepared to take cover under the mainstream media’s declaration that the Lewinsky, Broaddrick, Willey and Jones claims are old news, there was no way to prepare for the perfect storm headed its way in the form of Bill Cosby, Jeffrey Epstein, and Donald Trump.

Storm cloud one:  Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby’s story provides a comparison and legitimacy to the women accusing Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct.  Bringing down an iconic and well-loved public figure is not easy, but as the number of women with similar stories grew so did the public outcry to hold the alleged sexual predator accountable.

After all, as Hillary Clinton said, all sexual assault victims should be believed.  Unless the public figure is Bill Clinton and the victims are Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and Paula Jones.  Multiple women, sexually assaulted, similar stories yet rather than being believed, these women were silenced by the left.

Storm cloud two:  Jeffrey Epstein

Registered Sex Offender – Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

As bad as sexual assault accusations are, they pale in comparison to the most underreported story ever, Bill Clinton’s friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein, a billionaire financier, was the subject of a year-long federal investigation that began when the mom of a 14-year-old girl contacted Palm Beach police to report her daughter was paid money to massage and have sex with Epstein.

According to the Sun Sentinel, The federal investigation uncovered ‘about 40 girls [who] told investigators about encounters that ranged from topless massages that ended with Epstein masturbating to forced intercourse’.

The billionaire pedophile hired a team of high-profile attorneys who were able to secure a deal where the pedophile pleaded guilty to a single state charge of soliciting prostitution and spent only 13 months of an 18-month sentence in jail.

The Sun Sentinel points out; the Federal government usually drives a hard bargain when it comes to sex offenders, for example:

Brian Martens, a Palm Beach County man who had nude photos of children on his computer and cut a deal to serve ten years in federal prison. Or Eric Beasley, 25, a former biology teacher from Broward, who expects a 20-year federal sentence after recently pleading guilty to repeat sexual encounters with a 14-year-old student.

Or James “Red” Mozie, who specialized in recruiting underage teen girls for his Oakland Park brothel known as “The Boom Boom Room.” Federal prosecutors recommended life in prison after a jury convicted him in 2011, precisely what a judge handed down as Mozie’s sentence.

So why was Epstein able to obtain such a sweetheart deal?

When you have friends like former President Bill Clinton as a travel buddy and a visitor to your private island where underaged girls served as sex-slaves to entertain Epstein’s guests, leverage comes to mind.

And finally the super cell:  Trump

Hillary Clinton assumed she would win against The Donald by playing the tired #WarOnWomen card.  She was wrong.

Trump, most would agree, has a colorful past with the women in his life but rather than retreating, he punched back twice as hard.

Trump reminded Clinton that all is fair in the political game, and warned he would shine a spotlight on Bill Clinton’s sordid past and Hillary’s hypocrisy for remaining silent, rather than automatically believing those who say they are victims of sexual assault.




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