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“Hypocrite” Bernie Sanders to Trump: We’re Going To Hold You Accountable”

Anyone who allowed themselves to be cheated out a presidential nomination just to go along with a crooked candidate who backstabbed with party officials doesn’t deserve a top seat at anyone’s table.

Sen. Bernie Sanders completely waffled when he knew Hillary Clinton was cheating in the nomination process. His lack of backbone cost him the nomination. That lack of character means that President-Elect Donald Trump and not Bernie is now in the White House.

And Clinton’s corruption, pay to play, and many other scandals where she cheats the laws and rules, have not only put Donald Trump in the White House, but have put Republicans firmly in control of both the Senate and the House in Congress, and have broken the Democratic Party.

Bernie knew these things which are why during the 1st debate, he wanted to shy away from the emails. Now he wants to hold Trump accountable? Don’t make me laugh.

From The Hill:

“I say to Mr. Trump, from the bottom of my heart … Mr. Trump, we are not going backward regarding bigotry, we are going to go forward in creating a non-discriminatory society,” Sanders said during his speech and Q&A at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

During his talk, the Vermont senator also said that he saw some room for cooperation between the GOP and the Democrats, particularly when it comes to strengthening the middle class.
Sanders argued that Trump should be held accountable for his promises to support the struggling working families in America.

“Mr. Trump said a whole lot of things, a whole lot of things and sometimes I think they would just come off the top of his head. Toward the end of the campaign, he was using the term that many Democrats use. He was saying that he was going to be the champion of the American working class,” said Sanders.

“We have a list of everything that you said. And we are going to hold you to account,” he said to applause, ticking off Trump’s talk of scrutinizing trade deals, ensuring paid maternity leave and raising the minimum wage.

I blame Hillary Clinton for being a criminal, but I blame Sanders for aiding and abetting said criminal, waffling to that criminal, and worst of all supporting this criminal.

For shame, Bernie. It is time that you retired to private life.

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