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Creative Commons Joe Biden, Photo By Marc Nozell, Used Under A Creative Commons License

Hypocrite VP Joe Biden Says ‘These Are Our Kids’?

Regarding the unaccompanied kids on our southern border, Vice President Joe Biden stated on Wednesday ‘these are our kids.’ Well, where did they come from? These kids still have parents, and they’re supposed to be the primary caretakers for them. Nevertheless, they still traveled to the border unaccompanied and can’t just be neglected. Nobody is opposed to helping these kids temporarily with some food and shelter before deportations, but for a man like Biden to say ‘these are our kids’ is hypocritical.

It is hypocritical, and a few questions I have for Joe Biden will show why:

1) How about the would-be kids killed from abortion? Aren’t those babies our kids too? That’s 55 million dead babies. Those are our kids as well, Mr. Biden, so why do you disregard them? Because he says he’s ‘pro-choice.’ If he was consistent and held all human life valuable, then I would take him a lot more seriously. However, because he picks and chooses who he values more than others, his comments are nothing but another political move.

2) How about the kids who will have to pay back our national debt? Future generations will have to pay back all the money that your boss is spending recklessly, Mr. Biden. Yes, the trillions of dollars spent on Obamacare, wasteful stimulus packages, and other wasteful spending and corruption at the highest levels of our federal government. That doesn’t sound very kid friendly for a guy who says ‘these are our kids.’

3) How about the kids dying from shootings in Obama’s hometown? Kids are dying every day in Chicago due to gangs, despite having some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. I don’t hear Obama or Biden campaigning against this.

4) How about the kids and their parents being massacred by ISIS in Iraq? After all, this wouldn’t be happening if Obama didn’t pull out all our troops at once and create this vacuum effect. Plus, Obama and Biden haven’t spoken out against this crisis as much as they should be.

So when Joe Biden uses the reference ‘these are our kids’, he seems to pick and choose some kids over others, depending on how the situation can help him out politically. If he would consistently call respect for all kids in every situation, I would respect him a lot more for it.

About Mitch Behna

Mitch Behna is a Tea Party Conservative and is currently an editor and writer/contributor for Wayne Dupree.

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