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I admit I held out for a long time but when Bill Cosby admitted to this – I was done!

Maybe I’ve been quiet on this for a long time because I was holding out hope that Comedian Bill Cosby would be vindicated but that never happened. I mean how could “America’s Dad” do anything like this and get away with it so long? Why would these women go along with the secret….so many questions entered my mind but when Cosby admitted that he paid women to keep his affairs with them hidden from his wife, according to a transcript of a decade-old deposition, then I knew I had been wrong all the time.

According to The New York Times, Cosby made the claims in a deposition from a 2005 lawsuit filed by Andrea Constand, who accused Cosby of drugging and molesting her. Cosby said he gave Constand some Benadryl before they had consensual sexual contact. The case was settled confidentially in 2006.

Cosby 2

In the deposition, Cosby said he offered Constand money to fund her education and gave money to another woman, The Associated Press reports. He also funneled money through his agent to pay a woman after sex “so his wife wouldn’t find out,” according to the AP. He married his wife, Camille, in 1964.

Cosby said he was good at gauging a woman’s consent based on nonverbal cues.

“I think I’m a pretty decent reader of people and their emotions in these romantic sexual things, whatever you want to call them,” Cosby said in the transcript, according to the Times.

In the deposition, Cosby also said he obtained Quaaludes with the intent to give them to women with whom he wanted to have sex. Cosby, who has denied sexual misconduct allegations made by dozens of women, has not been charged with a crime.

Here is my friend Joseph C. Phillips during an interview on CNN who played Martin on the Cosby Show:

So many things have been taken away from Cosby at this point, I pray he can admit to these things and live out the rest of his days away from the public eye. He’s damaged, so damaged and there is no defense for his actions. Share your views below in the comment section and add to your twitter or facebook timeline.

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