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I Can’t Stand You Keyboard Hypocrites!

The GOP front-runner Donald Trump won both West Virginia and Nebraska primaries on Tuesday night by colossal margins as he ran unopposed. Sen. Ted Cruz dropped out of the race last week after he was destroyed in the Indiana primary. Trump reached 77% of the vote in West Virginia is 61% in Nebraska, and as we clearly see both of these were clear-cut victories with great majorities, we still have weak-minded hypocrites still complaining.

Remember when this group was complaining Trump didn’t win over 50% of the vote. Now that argument is destroyed, they still want to make a big deal about this.

Do these people ever sleep? Don’t they have loved ones to cuddle with and watch Netflix? Do they ever want unity? Their candidate got into election race, and instead of promoting him/her, this group decided to focus al of their fight, time, and effort against the GOP front-runner.

Well, their candidate lost, propelling them into keyboard terrorist mirroring liberals antics they yelled at for years.

I would think you cared so much for our country over your ambitions, but you don’t. I hear so much about standing on principles, well the devil had principles as warped as that sounds, and that’s why he was able to take one-third of the angels out of heaven. I have not been active in trying to force those voters who did not support Trump to turn around and support him now.

I understand there is a period that you do have to get over. There is a time where you need to come to grips with what you want, and I understand that more than anybody. But watching the vitriol on social media from so-called conservative Christians who were supposed to value God and his biblical teachings but then do an 180 and start attacking others, even former friends who don’t share your view shows me just how you fit the mode of being a hypocrite.

Many of these hypocrites are doing it to be seen on TV. They are hoping for a shot to be picked up by CNN for Trump hate speech. They are acting like fools and prostitutes.

Many of us have decided we were not going to vote for any DC politician no matter who it was. That was our principle we were standing on principles also. Washington DC is the problem and if your job is in Washington DC and you’re part of the problem so why turn around and vote for somebody who works in Washington DC?

And then again I was raised in the old-school church, so how are these Christians using social media to curse out other people? What type of Christianity is that? What kind of religion is that? I don’t want any part of that, and I promise you I won’t be coalescing with anybody that does.

I spent eight years in the military, so my love for the country is second to none. Nobody can question and if they do they’re on dangerous ground. To get into the military, you have to take a test in the Air Force and believe it or not; it’s the hardest branch of service to get into. So you can’t be no dummy and going to the Air Force.

Even though my detractors Think I am stupid for making a decision to support Donald Trump, I’m not dumb….. He didn’t he?

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