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I Hate These People…

  • Before I jumped into the world of conservative grassroots I never had anyone hate me without knowing me.

It’s true.

Granted, social media didn’t magically make me a different person – I have always been upfront, direct and slightly opinionated but as far as I know, perfect strangers weren’t spewing hate about my mere existence before I started speaking out as a conservative.

I’m sorry I’m an evil, cold-hearted, racist, bigoted, homophobic, sexist, puppy-kicking, orphan-starving conservative. Right? That’s how the media has portrayed us, that’s how the left paints us – they’ve dehumanized conservatives so they can adequately “hate” us for no reason. For example, take a look at this:

A little information about the screen capture Denise here posted to show her hatred of me, to prove I was more than deserving of her contempt. Democrats placed a voter registration booth right by the makeshift memorial for Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO. I found this to be in poor taste since Brown has been dead barely a week, so I shared my displeasure via tweet, shaming the notion of exploiting this young man’s death. Apparently Denise, the bastion of love, peace and tolerance, took offense at my being offended and decided she hated me.

Nice right? I am deserving of hate for thinking it shameful to exploit a dead young black man for votes.

Now take a look at the garbage under her tweet, people who have NEVER spoken to me calling me a racist, a “C U Next Tuesday” and a Teabagger… Denise “the brave” never spoke to me either and that honestly irritated me most of all. Fine, call me names, fine, hate me for no reason but AT LEAST have the courage to engage a debate with me or shut up.

Yup Denise, I’m talking to you.

Actually leftists and haters in general, I’m talking to you.

If you can’t debate, shut up. If you don’t have anything to offer, shut up. If all you want to do is cry and moan at me, shut up.

You hate me? Fine. I hate you back. SO THERE.

In closing I am reminded of a story I once heard about Andrew Breitbart who got so angry at leftists in general he would wander around his offices yelling “I hate these people.” As in all things, Andrew was onto something.

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