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I just watch Ted Cruz’s New Hampshire ad…uhhh what was that? Here’s what it should have been!

If you have to explain the ad in words, then it doesn’t work, that’s how reality is.

GOP candidate Ted Cruz just launched his New Hampshire ad today and his social media warriors are loving it and defending it but New Hampshire voters will scratch their heads. Is this a video about Wall Street bankers losing their jobs to illegals? Is this about a Business class who’s bus got stuck in the desert and they are trying to run for safety. Watching their struggle in slow motion drowned out the voice of Cruz.

Again, those who have committed to Cruz will say it’s great but to those making up their minds, they will look to ads that they don’t have to think about what the ad means, just what it looks like and how it relates to them.

Here’s the ad:

Check out these responses from social media on how they saw the ad. Remember, these ads are not for most of you who spend all day on Twitter/Facebook, these ads are for people who are trying to make a choice about to to vote for.


Here is a Ted Cruz ad that I’ve always loved and wish it would play more across the US.

What he just produced doesn’t even compare to this one. Sorry folks, it doesn’t make sense. What are your thoughts about the 1st and do you agree with me on the 2nd ad?


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