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Ice Cube RIPS black Oscar boycott – “We don’t do movies for the industry. We do movies for the fans”

Actor/Rapper Ice Cube joined the Graham Norton Show on Friday and had a really strong opinion about the Black Oscar Boycott of Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, Spike Lee and Quincy Jones. As the producer of “Straight Outta Compton,” he also spoke about his N.W.A biopic’s exclusion from the Academy’s best picture category

Norton asked Cube if was going to attend the Feb. 28 ceremony, he responded, “I never used to go anyway. You can’t boycott something you never went to.”

In the best picture category, Cube said that being upset about the situation was like “crying about not having enough icing on your cake,” when addressing how the Academy failed to recognize his film for best original screenplay.

“We don’t do movies for the industry. We do movies for the fans, for the people,” he said. “If the industry gives you a trophy or not, or pats you on the back or not, it’s nice, but it’s not something you should dwell on.” He added, “We got accolades from all levels. We got so much praise for the movie.”

I love his attitude! He cares about the art – NOT about awards from peers! GOOD! That is EXACTLY how it should be!

Ice Cube has exactly the attitude that all these actors should have. Are you in performance arts for the awards or because you love it? Who decides if a movie is good or not? Art is subjective anyway. There is a bigger issue going on concerning people’s lives in Flint, MI and I have heard neither Will, Jada or Spike mention this AMERICAN tragedy. You want support for acceptance/

You want support for recognition/acknowledgment from an academy that has failed to do so for decades but you as showing NO support for the people that are fans who have supported your movies, etc.

Who should be more outraged?

Ice Cube did a great job breaking this down and this should be shared by all. I totally agree with his assessment. What are your thoughts and comments?


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