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ICYMI – Woodruff HS Collects American Flags from Student Vehicles on 9/11

Reports say that four students showed up to Woodruff High School with American flags propped up on poles on their pickup trucks, but upon arrival, Principal Aaron Fulmer confiscated them. Fulmer said that the flags were against district policy that student’s can’t “draw attention” to their vehicles.

The flags were returned to the students later in the day, but now, outraged members of the community are protesting the decision. Reports say that in the days following the incident, people drove by the school with American flags to show their support for the students and protest the school’s “zero tolerance policy.”

The school defends the decision, but reports note that they decided to make the first day of homecoming week “America Monday” so that students can show their patriotism in school.

“I don’t want our kids to think the school does not support our country,” said Fulmer.

Sources: WSPA, WND Education News 

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