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Idaho School trains teachers in firearms – “We just have to protect our kids”

When trouble is only seconds away, police are still around 45 minutes away, but a carbine is never more than 50 yards from a teacher at this Idaho school.

Located outside of Boise, the Garden Valley School is on the far outskirts of Boise.

“(If something were to happen) we would have a 30-45 minute potential wait time for police to arrive,” Gee said. “The loss of life would be just enormous.”

So the school decided to purchase four 9mm carbines and 2,000 rounds of ammunition with plans to purchase more magazines and body armor.


Because the school’s active shooter response plan includes specially trained teachers arming themselves and donning armor to defend their students from an attacker.

“We just have to protect our kids and we didn’t want to do it in a haphazard way,” Gee told KBOI 2News Friday.

While most parents are supportive of the plan, others are less enthusiastic.

“I think that is totally ridiculous to have guns in the school in case something happens. Maybe they should work on security guards or something like that,” said mother Deborah Colson.

For their part, school board members say the names of the teachers who underwent the 1 month intensive firearms training program are being kept secret from both the students and other teachers in order to keep them from being targeted.

Would you like to see your child’s school arm teachers? Drop us your thoughts in our comment section below.

H/T – KBOI 2 News

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