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If I Were Barack Obama, I Would Take This Advice From Donald Trump Immediately!

This attack is a sober reminder of what an inept Barack Obama has been. The facts tell us there has been more terrorism and gun violence since Obama first got elected than any other President in history. You don’t have to like the fact but it is true.

Obama would say it is because of the Republicans running the house and senate, the truth is when Obama first got elected he had no excuses to get anything done, he had control of the house and senate and could have gotten anything passed and Obama chose to do nothing of any values he supposedly believes in.

Obama loves playing the blame game. Obama is weak and the whole world knows it, including Muslims who feel they can do whatever they want under his watch (or shall I say lack of watch). I wonder what happens next, surely there will be another attack where more innocent lives will be lost because of Obama and his failed policies.

GOP presumptive nominee is sick of Obama and this administration from not attacking the problem and glossing over it with pretty words and apologies. Check out what Trump had to say here:

So many people are angry at the administration’s lack of focus and direction they responded to Trump’s tweet immediately and the tone was just as angry as Trump’s.

What are your thoughts about Trump telling Obama to resign if he can’t say radical Islamic terrorism? Show your comments below and let me know what you think.

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