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If Not for “White Privilege” There’s No Point in Being White

I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking and studying lately related to the awesomely fallacious theory of so-called “White Privilege.” This of course is the unproven (but accepted) belief that being born white means being born into privilege, as if being white means being part of a special club and all whites look out for all other whites. Hooey, but leave it to the left and low-information people to accept what is not true for their own benefit.

In essence, a belief in this system allows a “person of color” to absolve themselves of any responsibility with respect to their attitude toward white people in general and anything they do in life. White Privilege teaches that blacks (and other minorities) cannot truly be racist because they lack the power over white people. This is deceptive at best simply because it requires a complete redefining of the word “racism,” one where power over other groups is part of the definition. In short though, as I mentioned yesterday, racism is generally defined as hatred or intolerance toward another race of people. It’s really that simple. Anyone can hate another group of people. Blacks are not special. We listen to Al Sharton’s race-baiting rhetoric all the time and he gets away with it due to the excuse of “White Privilege.”

I was born white. I grew up white. I am still white and I make no excuses for it nor do I feel guilty for being white. Being white has not automatically placed me (or my family) in a category of special privilege.

Growing up, there were numerous times my white father was out of work. We even had to go on Welfare for a short period of time.

There were times in my life when I had no employment regardless of how hard I tried to obtain it. My supposed white privilege did nothing for me.

One of the underlying problems with the idea of White Privilege is the incorrect belief that all whites are in the same community and we look out for one another. This is absurd. Whites do not generally look out for other whites. If this was the case, I would have been offered every job for which I applied. I would not have had to file for bankruptcy several years ago. The alleged White Privilege that I supposedly enjoy is simply non-existent.

When my daughter went to college, there was only one scholarship ($500) available to her because she is white. It went to a Hispanic gal. There were no opportunities provided to her that are routinely provided to students classified as minorities. It was the same with my son. We paid for their education (or relatives helped pay as well) out of our own pocket.

Some would argue that because we are white, we had the means to pay for our children’s education. Really? Then why did we have to rely on help from relatives? We couldn’t do it. We also wound up taking out at least one student loan (that we are still paying off) and our daughter took out loans as well (that she is still paying off).

Yet, too many minorities receive a good deal of help to get through college in the way of scholarships and other hand-outs – money that never has to be paid back. Who is it that is truly privileged here? We cannot run to the NAAWP (National Association for the Advancement of White People), or the White Caucus, or something else dedicated to giving white people a leg up in society. Of course, leftists say that is not needed because of all the privileges whites gain. No proof, just words.

I read many statistics from leftists groups who try to make it appear as though minorities are such an underprivileged class of people that white ex-cons are hired before blacks who never went to prison. Those statistics they use are suspect at best and it doesn’t take much research to learn how they cobbled together those numbers, deceptively.

It’s like Bloomberg’s statistics related to guns. He is such an outright liar regarding those figures. His dishonesty seems to know no bounds. It’s very easy to break down his numbers to determine exactly what he and his groups included. Of course, they include the numbers of those law-abiding gun owners who used their weapons to ward off a criminal attack and in the process, the criminal was either wounded or killed. That’s dishonest because Bloomberg is grouping law-abiding citizens who used guns lawfully against criminal elements with criminals who use (and obtain) their weapons illegally against law-abiding citizens.

The whole concept of White Privilege (as an offshoot of Critical Race Theory) is absurd. There are so many programs in place now to prop up and help every minority under the sun that the only group that does not benefit are white males. This is the way the left wants it. The belief that white males (especially Christian white males) are the reason for the ills and inequity in society is something they push because they want to overturn that particular traditional value – the male is the head of the home and bears that responsibility.

I find it fascinating that there are people today who are vapid enough to believe a fully unproven theory like Critical Race Theory, which gave birth to the idea of White Privilege. Then again, people accept evolution as completely true (though it has never been proven) and some Muslims believe that the sun revolves around the earth. What can you say to that type of stupidity?

But the real purpose of Critical Race Theory is all about money – dollars – $$$. We are hearing blacks talk about reparations for slavery and we will no doubt hear more about that as time goes on. There will be a growing chorus of blacks chanting that reparations are due for what they’re ancestors suffered.

The federal government paid the Native American Indians. They paid Americans who were Japanese and had been sent to camps during WWII. I would be willing to bet that the federal government will eventually pay blacks for the slavery in this country. That’s what it’s all about. If it doesn’t happen with President Obama, it will happen with President Jeb Bush. Mark my words.

Yes, there have been some terrible travesties in America with respect to the way minorities have been treated. With all the special programs and agencies in place dedicated to helping these minorities, one would think that it would be enough to help even things out. But for many, until money is paid, it’s never enough.

The argument that White Privilege is part and parcel of society is being used as a wedge to further divide the races. It will eventually lead to pay-outs to blacks. It will also lead to the complete denigration of white people as if all white people living today had a hand in slavery or Jim Crow laws.

It is fascinating that all of this abuse can be heaped on one race of people and it’s seen as just. Yet, on its face, it is racist. However, this type of racism is fully accepted because of the growing (and erroneous) belief that whites have been in the lead too long.

If this is not racism, then yes, by all means, let’s change the definition to suit those who hate whites. It’ll make it so much easier for them to continue to believe the latest lie.

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Dr. Fred is the author of numerous articles and a growing number of books related to conservative theology and politics. Fred has earned a Bachelor's degree in Bible, a Masters in Theology, and a Doctorate in Theology. Fred's weekly program - Truth Trends - is heard on Wayne Dupree's WAARadio network from 7:00pm to 8:00pm EST.

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