If only Americans could hold their government as accountable as the NFL

There is no mistaking the recent vilification of the NFL by politicians and the mainstream media. The Ray Rice scandal has led many to question whether the brute force exhibited by NFL players translates to domestic violence in their personal lives.

Forbes contributor Dan Diamond put it this way on Tuesday:

A star player like Rice will get tackled hundreds of times every year. And there is evidence to suggest that all those hits to the brain may increase the propensity to commit domestic violence.

While Diamond acknowledges that high arrest rates in the NFL are a “myth” and “are actually much lower than national averages,” he points out that when NFL players are arrested, a disproportionate number of those arrests are for domestic violence. But Diamond leaves out that “the incidence of domestic violence by NFL players is actually around half that of the same age group in the general United States population,” as revealed by Jim Picht of Communities Digital News, citing the very same study used by Diamond.

An incredibly important distinction here is that the study cited by Diamond and Picht looks at arrest rates, not conviction rates. It seems to this author that – to use a beloved lefty term “fairness,” – that this is incredibly unfair. The presumption of innocence used to mean something.

On Saturday morning, this author was honored to join the “Saturday Morning Gang of WAAR” with Wayne Dupree. During the broadcast, one of the gang, Gene Berardelli, Esq, made a point that was basic, yet profound. He said, (at around the 29:43 minute mark):

If only America would hold government as accountable as they are trying to hold the NFL…Everybody is calling for the Commissioner Roger Goodell’s head, yet we have Americans dying overseas in Benghazi, multiple scandals here at home, and nobody’s paying attention. But yet, a football player does something wrong, and you want to revamp and reform the NFL and call basically for the impeachment of Roger Goodell if you think about it. But in real world terms, what exactly is going on with our country?

It seems to be quite a stretch to conclude that the game of football leads to domestic violence at home. In fact, the new narrative about the NFL’s supposed war on women fits nicely with an ongoing Democrat narrative that strong men are bad and cannot be trusted around women. One wonders how many members of the federal government cheat on their wives? How many are convicted for domestic abuse or other crimes compared to the general population? Those statistics are a bit more difficult to pin down.

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