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If you saw a woman being beaten what would you do? Would you step in to help?

A group of good Samaritans helped stop the beating of a woman in a parking lot in Oklahoma City earlier this month. One of the men recorded video of the incident for evidence.

As the video starts, a woman in the back of a pickup truck can be heard yelling for help. She says the man shown, identified as Douglas Beckham, is hitting her with a flashlight. You can see the man strike the woman several times with an object.


The group moves closer and confronts Beckham. Tense dialogue ensued. Ultimately, Beckham tries to leave the scene and the group of men tries to stop him. Unfortunately, they were ultimately unsuccessful.

During his escape, Beckham drove his truck erratically around the parking lot and towards the group of men.


According to local media reports:

This crime actually took place on August 6th, near Northwest Expressway and Council Rd, but the video is only just now making the rounds online.

“When I first saw the video…I did not know the video was connected to Oklahoma or Oklahoma City,” said Capt. Paco Balderrama, with Oklahoma City Police. “I was very surprised, it`s very alarming, it`s a very sad video.”

Beckham was arrested later that day. The video taken by one of the men will be used as evidence against him. He is facing charges of two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and one charge of domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. The assault with a deadly weapon charges resulted from Beckham driving the truck towards the group of men.

Beckham and the woman are described as homeless and living out of two cars. The argument that started the physical altercation was over fast food.


What would you have done? Would you have jumped in to help or recorded the situation?


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