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Ignorance Is NOT Bliss

I have tried but I can no longer ignore it.

  • 9~11 truthers are anti-Semites… Period.
  • The global warming pushers are Socialists.
  • Progressives are no better than patient Communists.
  • And a great many Christians are no more than hatemongers who act nothing like Christ.

With all of the other crap going on in our world, we really need to pull it together or this country is doomed…. Period!!

You will note that in no way, shape, or form have I suggested that any of the aforementioned voices must be silenced. On the contrary. If this is to remain a free country, then all voices must have their place.

HOWEVER, when there are people seeking to silence, destroy, threaten, ban, or remove the rights of others I MUST STAND IN OPPOSITION OF THAT. Too many want to ban words, ban thought, and ban the exchange of anything but what they promote. THEY FAIL TO UNDERSTAND LIBERTY.

If you are so wrapped in your physical identity (i.e. skin color, religion, gender, sexual preference etc.) that you cannot view other human beings who think differently as anything but enemies or beneath you, then there is something horribly flawed in YOU.

What really enforces this is the religious mania in this country, mostly from one particular religion (in my experience), that says you must be of that religion or you are bound for hell. But, at least they haven’t started handling it like they are in Isamic countries. There, they are crucifying EVERYONE who won’t convert. Here they just eat their own morally and condemn us all verbally.

On the opposite side you have socialist progressives that want books banned and people who believe in god at all silenced. You would think the “Christians” would band together.  But, sadly, this is not the case.

Some of us are condemned as no more than “cultists” who are “bound for hell” regardless of the work we do for society to heal the divide. Some of us are said to be no better than demons, because we choose to think independently from the majority.  There are even those that have decided that anyone remotely connected with Zionism, is a greater danger to the world than Islam.

And that half-informed ignorant division, among those supposedly on the same side of the political battlefield, is why we will lose to Progressives, Socialists, Communists, and Fascists. Not because our system failed, or because of some dark and evil secret shadowy enemy within.

We lose to the real destroyers of Conservatism for the same reason we will eventually lose to Islam if we don’t pull our collective head out of our collective ass.  We will be destroyed by our own inability to unite.

About Richard Bateman

Expert communicator, Pitch Man, Spokesperson, Curator, Docent, Product Demonstrator, Lecturer, and Entertainer, with a proven ability to provide exceptional customer service to internal and external customers; one-on-one or in groups of any size. Experience in presenting at trade shows, conventions, museums, theaters, and retail environments. Has appeared on TV and hosts his own internet radio program at: Associate’s of Applied Science in Paralegal with strong emphasis in research, public speaking, and psychology. Born in 1971, married to his third wife and helping to raise his son; RMD Bateman also known as (Pendark) and (The Texas Uncle Sam), has enjoyed sharing his insights, which he gained in the school of hard knocks, with his audiences, both live on stage and with his radios show. He has made it his stated goal, not to get people to think like he does, but to "get people to use their brains for more than keeping their skulls from making noise when they slap their forehead with their hand."

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