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I’ll Have a Tall, Skinny Vanilla Latte, Hold the #RaceTogether

Out of Touch Rich, Liberals on Full Display!

First, during this week’s interview with CNN Money, Hollywood royal Gwyneth Paltrow attempts to sell herself as just one of the girls, saying she is “incredibly close to the common woman.”  Newsflash Gwyneth, using the word common to describe ‘the girls’ makes you seem, well, not so common.

We common women are not millionaire movie stars with personal staff to run our errands and choose our wardrobe.  We are hard-working mom’s, daughters, wives, sisters and friends, and we consider ourselves anything but common.

After reading the ‘I’m every woman’ Paltrow article, I found myself wondering if anyone could be less in touch, enter Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks and the brainchild of the #RaceTogether campaign.

Running late, expecting to rush into Starbucks for your morning joe?  Not so fast, Starbuck’s CEO thinks it is time for you to slow down because he is ready to do his part to improve race relations, one hashtag at a time.

Mind you, Schultz himself will not be saddled with the responsibility of healing our nation, rather, he is ‘encouraging’ your local  barista to make your double shot espresso stat, while starting a race relations dialogue with you, the unsuspecting customer.

If the Starbuck’s #RaceTogether conversation has not started at your neighborhood Starbuck’s, the internal memo obtained by Gawker provides you a glimpse into the mind of the well-intentioned, where in their world, our nation’s racial divide can be solved by simply using a hashtag.

Starbucks Internal Memo #RaceTogether via


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