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Illegal Alien’s DREAMER Status Removed After Lying To Police; Faces Deportation!

Jessica Colotl was protected from deportation by Barack Obama as a DREAMER, but now she’s in trouble, and she has nobody to blame but herself.

Democrats like to spread a narrative how illegal aliens who have come into the country illegally are abiding by our laws and contributing to our economy. Thus they should stay. All of that is lies, but that doesn’t stop them from creating a program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Barack Obama’s executive order doesn’t give legal status but doesn’t force these kids out of the country unless they break the law.

Colotl broke the law. She admitted guilt to a previous incident she claimed her innocence. This was grounds to have her DACA status removed; now she faces deportation.

Source: KRTV

Jessica Colotl, a Mexican national in the country illegally was formerly protected under an Obama-era program called the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order. ICE said she lost that protection when she confessed to a felony charge.

“Colotl, an unlawfully present Mexican national, admitted guilt to a felony charge in August 2011 of making a false statement to law enforcement in Cobb County,” Bryan Cox with ICE said.

Cox said that although Colotl was allowed to enter a diversionary program by police in Cobb County, federal law considers her admission of guilt a felony conviction.

Her DACA status was terminated on May 3.

DACA doesn’t offer people in the country illegally any protected legal status but makes them less of a priority for enforcement. That status can be revoked at any time but is particularly used against people who commit crimes.

In this video below, Jessica shows you just how ignorant she is about the law and our constitution. I am not saying she should be sent back to her country because she’s ignorant, she should be sent back because she broke the law and got caught.

I understand the dramatic music and the tone of the video, but she broke the law, and she lied to law enforcement. She’s got to go. The quicker, the better.

What do you think of Jessica’s status? Should she be deported? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

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