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Illegal Immigrant Tries To Bully Black Pastor Who Defended Trump Over Racist Tag

Pastor Mark Burns found himself defending Donald Trump against this illegal immigrant who wanted to use the loud talk/shout over method to control the argument.

What do these people not understand about “illegal” immigrant? Illegal means you broke the law, and yelling racism doesn’t change the fact that you are a criminal.

Illegal immigrants are citizens of another country and should not have a voice here. Come here the right and legal way, then you get a voice. But until you are a legal citizen, you don’t get a vote. Do you really think the French care what I think about their country? Or, even Mexico? Hell no.

If this guy’s parents are here illegally, then they should be deported. If the little girl was born here, her illegal immigrant parents created that problem, not America. She can go with them or become a ward of the state. It is her PARENTS fault. They brought her into this conundrum.

If they are here illegally then YES! They should be deported. Take the necessary steps to become a legal citizen or leave! There is nothing racist about that! There are plenty of people who have done exactly that. What makes you so special that you should be exempt?!

Why is it racist for Trump to attempt to block people from coming here “illegally” from Mexico and radical Islamic countries, but it is NOT racist for Hillary to demonize all white Americans who are legally here and voting for Trump?

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