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Imperial Obama to raise Federal Minimum Wage without Congress Approval!

President Obama plans to sign an executive order requiring that janitors, construction workers and others working for federal contractors be paid at least $10.10 an hour, using his own power to enact a more limited version of a policy that he has yet to push through Congress.

Obama to raise Federal Minimum wage by executive order. Not willing to work with House of Representatives

The order, which Mr. Obama will highlight in his annual State of the Union address on Tuesday night, is meant to underscore an increasing willingness by the president to bypass Congress if lawmakers continue to resist his agenda, aides said. After a year in which most of his legislative priorities went nowhere, Mr. Obama is seeking ways to make progress without cooperation on Capitol Hill.

The president, who is reeling in the polls after a year of setbacks, wants to use the moment to re-establish his command of Washington before this fall’s midterm elections and, after that, the presidential primaries consume public attention.

How do you think Congress should deal with this situation. Please submit comments below!

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