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Indict Eric Holder

Eric Holder announced his resignation and is putting an end to a disgraceful tenure as Attorney General. He is the only Cabinet Member in the history of the United States to be held in contempt of Congress. He has been caught perjuring himself not once BUT TWICE during testimony on Capitol Hill. He has lied UNDER OATH in the Fast and Furious investigation. Also in the James Rosen testimony, where he tried to intimidate the Fox News reporter, by naming him as a “criminal co-conspirator” for the story he was writing. This level of lawlessness has not been seen since Nixon’s first Attorney General who went to prison over the Watergate scandal. While Eric Holder has acted like he is above the law and has even attacked regular American citizens illegally for most of his toxic 5 1/2 years as the head of the Department of Justice, the IRS scandal just might have pushed him out the door. Many Democrats certainly see themselves losing Senate control in a little over a month. The Senate Republicans and House Republicans had seen enough of this pure political hack of an Attorney General that has turned the DOJ into the Department of INJUSTICE. Many on Capitol Hill had already started gathering information to impeach Eric Holder, in the event that they did take the Senate. Some Senators AND Congressmen have sworn publicly, that if Holder refused to appoint a special prosecutor in the IRS scandal, the movement to impeach him AND remove him would officially begin with an IMMEDIATE no confidence vote in the next Congress. While some in Washington DC say that Eric Holder main job was to shield President Obama from getting caught in HIS crimes and misdemeanors, it has become common place for this disgraced AG to block true justice.

From the first days of this tyrannical administration, it was obvious that Eric Holder would serve his OWN brand of justice and disregard the written law, especially the Constitution. With the ONLY evidence of voter intimidation from 2008 showing the New Black Panthers ON VIDEO brandishing clubs and threatening voters in Philadelphia, Eric Holder ORDERED ALL CHARGES be dropped against them without a HINT of shame. The Department of Injustices 4 year agenda was set. It’s Holder’s and Obama’s rule of law, NOT American Jurisprudence.

During the Bush administration, the Attorney General had prosecuted and imprisoned crooked executives at Enron at the beginning of his tenure, all the way through to the end as BUSH & his AG prosecuted Wall Street’s Ponzi king Bernie Madoff. During President Obama’s and Eric Holder’s 5-1/2 years: NOBODY from Wall Street was even indicted over transgressions during the Dow crash or for any transgressions since. Of course, all the donations from Wall Street fat-cats to the Committee to re-elect the President shielded them from Justice. Eric Holder has sued Americans from all walks of life… from a local Sheriffs and poor inner city kids to ACTUALLY taking to court SEVEN SOVEREIGN STATES and threatening to sue an eighth. While the previous Attorneys General under a Republican Administration went after white-collar criminals like Enron and Madoff, they also worked to keep main-street safe. Under President Bush, street crime plummeted. The AG’s during those eight years also prosecuted the war on terror here at home as well as abroad. Unfortunately for this Great Nation, Eric Holder, on Barack Obama’s directive, pursued a PURELY POLITICAL agenda, and the rule of law be damned.

Before Richard Nixon’s re-election run, HIS Attorney General, John Mitchel resigned to be the director of the campaign. Eric Holder didn’t have the decency to resign, but he basically ran the legal campaign for the committee to re-elect the President. He used his power at the DOJ as a personal weapon to stem the tide of States trying to thwart democratic voter fraud, just past November 2012 to help Obama squeak by to get ANOTHER 4 years, as ALL the polls showed him losing a LEGITIMATE vote. The Department of INJUSTICE sued the sovereign state of Florida, even though they were following written law, for trying to take illegals and DEAD PEOPLE off the official voter rolls. As Allen West can attest to, as his seat was stolen by voter fraud, Democrats can’t win without voter fraud. Of the 175,000 REGISTERED VOTERS in St Lucie Co. FL, 247,000 actually voted. Classic Democrat voter fraud unseated West as well has given Florida (along with OTHER  county’s dubious returns) to Barack Obama.

When you think for a second that the average voter turnout is about 50%, this election theft is astounding. Just WEEKS before the election, WELL respected Suffolk Polling company LEFT FLORIDA altogether because, as they said, “IT WAS PAINTED RED for Romney.” But Holder’s suit against Florida worked and handed the MOST important swing state to the President. Holder wasn’t done in his work for the Obama campaign. He sued Texas, North Carolina and South Carolina for LEGALLY passing voter ID laws. Even after the Supreme court struck down parts of the arcane Voting Rights Act, Holder sued Texas AGAIN. But the most egregious thuggery against a state just to promote voter fraud in another HUGE swing state, Holder then went after the Sovereign state of Pennsylvania. They too had a new LEGALLY passed voter ID law. He successfully used his now common place technique of DOJ  intimidation and twisted state officials arms to delay the ID law until AFTER the 2012 election. THIS, as in cases ALL over the big cities in Pennsylvania, allowed Obama to garner from 114% to 150% of the vote in most districts and steal ANOTHER invaluable battleground state. So not only did he SUE sovereign states but threatened others to perpetuate the voter fraud that got President Obama in re-elected 2012. Consider this: Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney by ONLY 333,000 votes spread over JUST FOUR battleground states. That is LESS THAN 167,000 votes flipped from Romney to Obama illegally. With Obamanomics continuing the record misery 5-1/2 years in to this disastrous presidency, we have the worst, most brazen political operative to EVER run the Justice department, Eric Holder, to thank.

During ALL this time that Eric Holder was suing Sovereign States to perpetuate voter fraud JUST to get his boss re-elected, what happened to REAL CRIME under his watch. By his actions, you may NOT know this but, he is SUPPOSED to be the chief law enforcement officer of the country. Under his watch crime has skyrocketed in the inner cities like his and President Obama’s home town of Chicago. Murder rates have jumped, especially against black youth. While Obama’s horrible economic policies have black youth unemployment hovering around 40%, Eric Holder has let them down in the crime prevention department. Over last July 4th weekend, Chicago had 84 people SHOT with 14 dead, and that included 14 and 16-year-old boys. While kids are getting killed everyday in Chicago at an increasing rate ever since Holder became the chief law enforcement officer in the country, what has he done to improve the lives of the inner city black youth? OBVIOUSLY NOTHING… BUT he DID have time to sue TWO SOVEREIGN STATES to keep the exceptional minority students in the dangerous inner city public schools by denying them school vouchers. WHY did he do this? To placate a HUGE Democrat party donor, the Teachers Unions. So if you are living in poverty and crime in the inner city, if you can donate millions to the DNC, you JUST might have gotten help from THIS Attorney General. The Department of Justice under Eric Holder has NOTHING to do with justice, it’s purely Party over people.

In a brazen pandering to the Hispanic vote, which has taken priority over the black vote for Obama & the Democrats, Holder sued a lowly sheriff in Arizona. A frivolous lawsuit that he had to drop after wasting his attorneys’ time and the peoples’ money as the Judge practically laughed his US Attorney out of the court room. But with this pathetic attempt to intimidate a Sheriff that is just trying to protect his citizens… HIS JOB… we saw the priorities of Eric Holder. Pander to Hispanics for votes and try to subvert the law. This subversion was in clear view back in 2011 when the DOJ sued the Sovereign state of Arizona for trying to actually enforce FEDERAL immigration laws. Those same laws that the Feds REFUSED to follow as this administration’s priority from day ONE was to import more voters from South and Central America. They did this by leaving the borders porous and then trying to give them amnesty through Legislation or executive orders, if as in 2010, the House was captured by the Republicans. Eventually, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer had to give in as the deep pockets and twisted ideology of the NEW INJUSTICE Department was too much for one State to fight.

So as the Department of Justice has spent the bulk of its time intimidating regular citizens, sovereign States, inner city school children as well as aiding and abetting voter fraud, what else have they been up to? The DOJ has been shielding President Obama from any incriminating evidence that could get him impeached. For those of you who don’t know it, Eric Holder, as attorney General, has authority over the FBI. He used the FBI early on in the Obama Presidency to cover up criminal payoffs of the Administration through the EPA to one of Obama’s rich 1%er donors: George Kaiser of Solyndra, a BILLIONAIRE Obama campaign fundraiser, donor and bundler. Kaiser was a BIG FAT CAT donor to Obama and the Democrat Party, who made numerous visits to the White House, before he secured a dubious tax-payer backed Green-energy loan of $500 MILLION RIGHT BEFORE Solyndra went bankrupt, and left the American people holding the bag. In August of 2011, the cover-up began. The FBI at the direction of Eric Holder raided Solyndra and confiscated ALL documents in its corporate offices. Those documents have been thrown down Eric Holder’s rabbit hole never to be heard from again. I wonder if they are at the same rabbit hole as Lois Lerner’s emails? The FBI confiscated evidence of a money laundering scheme between a Obama donor and Obama and summarily made the scandal disappear. While the DOJ made a token effort to try to recover the lost tax-payer money, the judge ruled that the monies will NEVER be recovered. The Department of Injustice strikes again. I would like someone on the left to explain to me what is the difference between the cover-up of campaign kick-backs with Solyndra, and the 2-bit Watergate breaking that had ABSOLUTELY NO effect on a landslide 49 state victory by Richard Nixon in 1972?

Whether it has been on my Ascend Conservatism radio show, in my weekly column on NewsNinja or on social media, I often refer to  Eric Holder as “Lawless.” As you can see by SOME of his actions I have detailed above, he has a shameless disregard for the RULE of law. But on SEVERAL OCCASIONS he is ACTUALLY TECHNICALLY “LAWLESS” in the truest sense of the word. He REFUSED to defend the LAW OF THE LAND in the Defense of Marriage Act until it withered without opposition at the Supreme Court. Now whether you support DOMA or not, that’s not the point. The job of the DOJ, and the President for that matter, is to UPHOLD THE LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY, PERIOD. Besides the refusal to do their CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY in the DOMA case, Holder BRAZENLY told his US attorneys WHICH LAWS they could follow and WHICH LAWS OF THE LAND TO IGNORE! Does this sound like the department of JUSTICE to you? He also told the State Attorneys General that they can disregard laws THAT THEY disagree with. What is this? The rule of law  SOPRANO’S STYLE? You don’t like a law.. FUGGEDABOUTIT!

Not only has Holder acted lawlessly, encouraged his attorneys at the DOJ to be lawless BUT he has actually counseled the President of the United States to be lawless as well. But don’t take my word for it, just ask the Supreme Court. Barack Obama has set a Presidential record of unanimous supreme court losses, and HIS attorney General is supposed to advise him on actions that are NOT illegal or lawless. Obama and Holder have been slapped down by SCOTUS over the sweeping view that the police should not be required to obtain a warrant before searching the cellphones of individuals they have placed under arrest. They also have lost 9-0 on illegal recess appointments and in Arkansas Fish & Game Commission v. U.S., they lost 9-0 after trying to take property away from citizens without paying just compensation. What is shocking is that even the liberals on the Court, like Ginsburg and Breyer, voted them down, but in most cases, Obama had his own TWO Justices HE appointed vote against his lawless attempts at power grabs.

Just recently, the INDEPENDENT Inspector General reported that Eric Holder and his subordinates were stonewalling his investigation into the DOJ. So as ironic as it sounds, the Department of Justice under Holder has been charged by its own inspectors for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. Lets contrast Eric Holder with Richard Nixon’s Attorney General at the time, NIXON’S own appointed Attorney General. Nixon ordered his AG him to fire the SPECIAL PROSECUTOR in the Watergate scandal. Instead of complying with his boss’ order, the AG resigned. Such integrity, I’m sad to say, could NEVER be found in THIS Attorney General.

To close out the indictment of Eric Holder, we’ll focus on one the of the most egregious, and impeachable offenses committed by the most INSURRECTIONIST and ANARCHISTIC Attorneys General in History. This is HIS involvement in the Operation Fast And Furious. Eric Holder’s attempts to cover up THIS powder keg have not been as successful as his other cover-ups. For those of you who are not familiar with the gun running operation that has costs HUNDREDS of deaths on BOTH sides of the Mexican-American border, I will give you a short summation. As most conservatives know, Obama and Holder would love nothing more than to infringe on the 2nd amendment rights of American Citizens. To limit and then remove their right to keep and bear arms. In 2009, they looked at a small operation that,  in 2007, the Bush Administration had tried for a short period of time but then ended it quickly because it was unsuccessful and expanded it 1,000 fold. They decided to flood the Mexican country side with automatic weapons bought in the US so that they could then point to the easy movement of guns to the Sinaloa Mexican drug cartel, and push for new gun law legislation in the United States. But as with most things attempted by this administration, this simple crisis they INTENTIONALLY caused to get a reactionary law (Like as we see today in the flood of immigrants at the border today) the crisis was uncontrollable and got 100’s killed. TWO Border enforcement agents were killed by weapons in the hands of the Sinaloa Drug cartel that THIS ADMINISTRATION supplied them with. Jaime Zapata, an ICE agent and  Agent Brian Terry were gunned down by 2 of the over 3,500 weapons sent to killers south of the border by Obama and Holder, the “Gun Dealers of Death.”

Since October 2009, besides Terry and Zapata, 100’s of Mexican citizens have been murdered by weapons they sent to the killers. Now I keep saying “THEY” meaning Holder and Obama, because they all but admitted that they were behind the gun running operation when the President exercised “Executive Privilege” in ALL communications between the Department of Justice (Eric Holder) and the White House (Obama). This improper use of Executive Privilege stopped a congressional investigation into the Fast and Furious by denying the committee evidence that Obama and Holder BOTH said didn’t exist in the first place. From the begging, Eric Holder has been claiming that Operation Fast and Furious was NOT the administrations idea but TWO ROGUE ATF AGENTS in Arizona. JUST like the IRS scandal, this “TWO ROGUE AGENTS” excuse was debunked years ago. When the House Oversight committee offered Holder and Obama opportunity to prove that they had nothing to do with Fast and Furious by turning over all communications between the two, the most transparent administration in history NOT ONLY used the Presidents “Executive Privileged” to keep damning documents from Oversight BUT have fought a Freedom of information act (FOIA) request from the Government Watchdog group Judicial Watch for years. Crooked Eric Holder’s luck ran out a couple of months ago as Judge John D. Bates refused a pathetic legal attempt to have the FOIA request thrown out. The Judge heard arguments from Judicial Watch in the case and ruled in their favor and ordered the release of ALL Fast and Furious documents. Not only has the  DOJ tried to hide all evidence of Obama’s and Holders involvement in the murders of hundreds of people but they even had the gall to suggest TO THE JUDGE that the “Judicial Watch case might encourage the Congress to fight harder to get the same documents in separate litigation.” PARISH THE THOUGHT! The SUPPOSED DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE is tried to hide the documents ILLEGALLY but they also wanted to ILLEGALLY withhold them from Judicial Watch even though the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT specifically states they have the right to obtain them. The tipping point came just recently as Eric Holder pleaded his case to a OBAMA APPOINTED Judge to stop the release of the documents but was denied. The irony of this is that while Holder has been able to shield Obama from impeachable evidence quite successfully, UP TO THIS POINT, he was not able to shield himself from potential impeachment when the Fast and Furious documents were forcibly released.

It is astounding what has happened to the fabric of this nation. The RULE OF LAW is what has separated us from other nations that have come and gone. During the forming of the United States back around 1776, the principle that no one is above the law was at the core of the Founding Father’s beliefs. In his pamphlet “Common Sense” Thomas Paine wrote that “in America, the law is king. For as in absolute governments the King is law, so in free countries the law ought to be king; and there ought to be no other.” Later in 1780, John Adams incorporated this principle into the Massachusetts Constitution that HE WROTE, by seeking to establish “a government of laws and not of men.” Unfortunately, this once GREAT Nation is NOT governed by the RULE OF LAW anymore but by crooked MEN who pervert the laws, subvert the laws and ignore the laws to serve their OWN needs, and to protect their OWN criminal actions.

This country cannot return to greatness until we have returned to a country of laws that govern us, and that make NO MAN above the law.

Maybe after the Fast and Furious documents get forcibly released, Holder can receive the justice he has denied SO MANY Americans and suffer the same fate as Nixon’s Attorney General and campaign director, and spend 19 months in prison like John Mitchell.

Mr Holder: You once said that we are a “Nation of cowards.” Well, I think you are correct. It’s time for us to show true courage and indict the most lawless Attorney General in the history of the United States, no matter what the color of his skin.

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