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“Insane” Filmmaker Defending Michael Brown Shouts Down Martha MacCallum During Interview [VIDEO]

On Monday night, Martha MacCallum of Fox News interviewed documentary filmmaker of Stranger Fruit, Jason Pollock, in a shouting match over the 2014 Michael Brown case.

The controversial case is back in the news after Pollock claims new footage he used during the convenience store Brown was in makes him innocent of robbing it.

As MacCallum points out, it is irrelevant because Officer Darren Wilson shot Brown after he ran and tried to grab his gun in the middle of the street. It had nothing to do with the store.

Around half way in the interview is when Pollock starts losing his cool.

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Here is the youtube video provided by Fox News.

Even after MacCallum provides all the facts to this clown, he says “I don’t care! They failed him!”

However, Fox News reported the lawyer for the convenience store owners called out Pollock’s footage. They also mention Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch’s remarks.

Earlier Monday, an attorney for the convenience store’s owners said the footage used by Pollock in his film was “100 percent false.” Jay Kanzler said the interaction between Brown and a convenience store employee shown in the film was edited down from 4 minutes to 30 seconds.

McCulloch argued that police had the same footage and it was “logically and legally irrelevant and immaterial, which is why it was never presented to the grand jury.”

Pollock concluded by claiming his film will show the truth of the case.

He was rude and obnoxious throughout the entire interview. What an embarrassment to make on national TV.

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