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Insiders: Trump won’t be hurt by Wisconsin, but Cruz should worry about what’s next


Anything other than major wins for Sen. Ted Cruz over the eastern states further puts him out of reach for the nomination. Everyone must realize Donald Trump is way ahead of Cruz at this point and the media makes the race seem like Cruz is only a few points down. It’s not close right now my friends.

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The GOP and MSN is trying anything to avoid the issue of Trump winning Click to Tweet
The GOP and MSN is trying anything to avoid the issue of Trump winning. They are supporting Cruz for now since they know he will take away the delegates from Trump and still fall short. Both candidates would limit the lobbyist effect in Washington through their proposed tax plan. This would then eliminate the lobbyist donations for the established Senators and Congressmen thereby reducing the PAC money which helps them become re-elected.

From Fox News Insider:

But is it time to start writing off Trump? Political strategists say no.

It’s premature to make those predictions, said John McLaughlin, pollster and CEO of McLaughlin and Associates.

“I don’t think he’s going to collapse,” he said in a Fox and Friends Weekend panel this morning.

The GOP candidate “may lose Wisconsin,” but “in our recent poll of the remaining states, Trump’s actually still ahead,” said McLaughlin.

“You have Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maryland, Connecticut, et cetera – all more favorable territory to Trump.”

He added that “Cruz is coming on a rough patch,” having “attacked New York for ‘New York values.’”

Check out the video:

The media once again wants you to think all is doom and gloom for Trump but that’s not even close to being true. Do you see the lead he has with the delegates? Cruz can’t catch up unless there is a huge meltdown by Trump and that’s just the facts.

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h/t – Fox News Insider

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