Instead of Impeaching Obama, Go After These Guys

As we await the next scandal from this administration, and it is becoming really hard to keep count, the dreaded “I” word is once again the buzzword being aimed at the beltway. It’s perfectly understandable when you’re watching everything about this unique country being summarily dismissed, systematically dismantled, and surreptitiously discarded. And it is admittedly maddening to see that in actuality this president, short of bludgeoning gay, vegan puppies to death on the White House lawn, will never be brought to account for anything.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in favor of impeachment. Just not necessarily for the same reasons you might expect and not just for the Commander-in-Chief. Anybody remember this?

As far as I’m concerned, that simple phrase should be grounds for impeachment. It took approximately three seconds for Senator Lindsey Graham to spit on his oath of office. It should be noted that the oath of the Senate is not to the nation, but to the Constitution. An important distinction. My good faith that he takes what his job is supposed to be seriously and that he can be trusted with the keys to this most sacred kingdom is irrevocably shaken. It’s not that his interest in national security, however overemphasized, isn’t understandable or important. It’s his flippant attitude towards the arguably most important part of the Constitution. So many have lost sight of what should matter. Too often now in both security and law enforcement the Bill of Rights are considered burdensome instead of sacred.

I understand why Washington was “the indispensable man”. But this nation was structured so that what mattered were the ideas. The people were the vanguards. Even if there was a politician out there who I believed in and agreed with 100% of the time, it wouldn’t change that they should be the most replaceable people in our population. Even when you have a truly great leader in office when you need them, such as Washington or Lincoln, our system’s design means that person is a reflection of the people. For example, if Lincoln had been assassinated three years earlier, heaven forbid, it still would not have derailed what he aimed to accomplish. And politicians today are no Abraham Lincoln.

Elected officials, whether you voted for them or not, should be walking on eggshells every moment of their lives. Not that we should entertain every accusation that’s thrown out there. But firing politicians should be standard practice, not a rarity. They should spend every moment of their time both on and off Capitol Hill in constant fear for their jobs. We the People should be almost impossible to please, easily angered, and if anything over eager to drop the hammer. Too much is preferable to not enough. I’d even go so far as to suggest that a nonfunctioning guillotine be placed in front of the Capitol Building. Just to reinforce to our elected officials everyday how precarious their perch is.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. The president may be the most extreme and visual instance, in that he can use scandal to draw attention away from scandal. But in general our politicians today are far too comfortable in their seats, too secure in their incumbencies, and too insulated from suffering the consequences of corruption. And, no, this wasn’t always the case. How many times over would Nixon have resigned by now? It seems most politicians can weather any scandal these days if they simply wait out the news cycle.

Saying all that, the sad truth is that this president is impeachment proof, no matter how justified. Like any competent mobster would have done, there’s no trail that leads back to him. Nothing sticks to plausible deniability. There are too many lieutenants ready to fall on their sword for the cause. There’s a big reason why that is. It’s because they don’t have to worry about that sword too much. Not when Eric Holder runs the Justice Department.

How do you nail anyone to the wall when the Justice Department unabashedly decides which laws it will enforce and which it will ignore? Whistleblowers have more to fear from prosecutors than perpetrators. From the early days of this presidency when Mr. Holder refused to pursue the voter intimidation case it portended the theme of this Justice Department. People were clearly divided into allies and enemies.

Then you have Valerie Jarrett, this administration’s maior palatii. It could well be argued that these last six years have been her presidency rather than Obama’s. Of course, she’s not in an official position of consequence. Just an advisory role. But when Obama’s next greatest hit goes to the top of the charts, remember, he was on the golf course.

The whole bunch are so slippery it would be near impossible to nail them for anything. Even if one did, the media at large would never provide it with adequate attention. We’ll always know this Commander-in-Chief will respond to the next fiasco with a fundraiser. Honestly, I don’t understand why we waste our breath. Impeachment. Justifiable, but not realistic. At this point it would be like trying to get a bank robber to indict his partner.

Still, when the next crisis/scandal comes to light in 3… 2… 1… instead of asking, “What did the president know and when did he know it?”, scrutinize these two public officials. I’d bet money it will be far more telling.

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Married father of three. 5 C's. Particularly concerned with matters pertaining to the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th Amendments.

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