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Intense and Spot On Jon Taffer rallies #Dream15 Summit for small businesses! – FULL VIDEO

Jon Taffer joined the lineup of speakers during the Defending the Dream Conference held in Columbus, OH on Friday afternoon and when I say he totally own the day, just take that as an understatement.

Taffer, known for having a boisterous voice as a bar consultant is a television personality, author, and best known as the host of the reality series Bar Rescue on Spike brought down the house.

Taffer brought a strong presence to the room and mostly everyone there was energized by his passion and determination for small businesses and how they are the backbone of America. One of the strongest lines of Taffer was the following


Jon reminded the #Dream15 crowd he was a businessman and has seen failure while turning many companies around.

“I’ve seen the pain, I’ve felt the misery, I’ve been here in Ohio for the past three weeks doing my job rescuing businesses. I was in a city, I am not going to mention that used to have 165,000 people, today they have 65,000,” said Taffer, as he bellowed his frustration.

” We are bleeding to death, and with every small business we lose we bleed more!”

“With all of our current candidates, I never hear the word small business, do you? I understand the issues of the day and they are important, but the Army of small business will not only fuel our economic growth, it will  fuel votes”

Check out the full speech in its entirety and enjoy!

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H/T – Jon Taffer

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