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Iran Deal: Barack Obama is an embarrassment to the U.S.

Comparing Iranian radicals with Republicans on the global stage is almost as bad as what he did when he threw Israel out on an island with no support in his speech yesterday.

Make no mistake, it is Obama who is “making common cause” with the radical islamic regime in Iran. He is guaranteeing with his Iran deal that they will have nuclear weapons within 10-15 years. The Republicans are the ones trying to stop Iran from being accepted as a nation with the right to eventually go nuclear. Obama’s deal paves the pathway to them having the bomb. He knows it.

The media should be taking him to task for making a statement like this. But he won’t be. The media made Obama, they’ve covered for him and they will never be the same even after he’s left office.

Obama was never qualified to be President, but the media got on his bandwagon in 2007 and they covered up how radical he is and haven’t stopped since. They have invested in the worst President in American history, and will not force him to answer the tough questions.

He knows he gets a free pass, and he is taking full advantage of it – to the detriment of our nation.

Check him out in his spewing hateful glory:

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