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IRS Back The Hell Up!!

The partisan use of the IRS to tyrannize non-progressive groups continues. Eventually, there will be a ‘hot’ conflict from all this. Progressives, remember this. You started it.

Shall we list the groups on the far left that do not qualify for 501 (c)(3) but for some reason are not investigated by the IRS under this President?
Media Matters, Tides Foundation, Acorn, to start?

A conservative group in Hollywood, shrouded in secrecy for fear of a backlash from powerful movie industry liberals, is being investigated by the Internal Revenue Service after applying for tax-exempt status.

This smells of the Obama Administration. Remember how he promised that that intimidation, etc. of groups by the IRS would stop. It hasn’t…it continues to spread. This adminstration simply cannot be believed or trusted. He should not be in charge of foreign policy or another thing else as Obama has proved his ableness only at not telling the truth.

We have laws that say you can not fire people for their beliefs, but if your a liberal you can fire who ever you please. There has always been a double standard for liberals. Liberals do not believe in WE THE PEOPLE but only what they think is right.


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