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Tea party members gather for “Audit the IRS,” a rally against the Internal Revenue Service, on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol in Washington on June 19, 2013. (Andrew Harnik/The Washington Times)

IRS Exposé ‘Unfair’ Plays Tonight Only (Video)

“With growing scrutiny of the role of tax-exempt groups in political campaigns, Congressional Republicans are pushing back against Democrats by warning about the possible misuse of the Internal Revenue Service to audit conservative groups.” – Eric Lichtblau of the New York Times, 2010

The movie UnFair, airing one night only claims to “reveal the truth about the abuses of power, the cover ups, and expose the IRS as a blatantly unfair and corrupt entity that can not be reformed.”

The executive producer, John Sullivan, also produced “2016: Obama’s America” and “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.” The film’s director is Judd Saul, and the producer is author and nationally syndicated radio talk show host Craig Bergman.

In an interview posted at Townhall, director Judd Saul reveals,

Rather than just make a movie that will scare you and not give any solutions… we give solutions with our movie.

The film, barely mentioned in the press, gives an opportunity to Americans who want to educate themselves about the bureaucracy and hold the federal government accountable for the sickening abuse heaped onto taxpayers by this behemoth, a tyranny which is funded by the very people targeted.

Some background on the IRS targeting scandal

The IRS targeting scandal is only one of many shocking and egregious abuses of power imposed by the Internal Revenue Service. Despite President Obama’s famous proclamation that there was not a “smidgen of corruption” in the IRS, anyone paying attention knows that the deliberate flagging of conservative groups is directly related to the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United v. FEC ruling.

In the wake of the ruling, progressives went quite bonkers. President Obama even bashed the Supreme Court publicly, during a State of the Union address. Make no mistake: Objection to the Citizens United ruling has nothing to do with “big money in politics” or the silly “corporations are not people” or “money is not speech.”

It has everything to do with silencing the Tea Party.

Consider the following from a 2012 New York Times OpEd on the Citizens United ruling:

Unleashed by Citizens United, a handful of renegade billionaires made life miserable for Mitt Romney, the establishment candidate…. [and] turned the primary process into an open contest, giving full voice to the more extreme wings dominated by the Tea Party and the evangelical right.

Does the concern here over the “Citizens United” ruling seem to be about “big money in politics?”

Or this, at the Huffington Post,

The 2010 Citizens United decision and a subsequent lower court ruling opened the door to unlimited independent electoral spending by individuals, corporations and unions. Very conservative groups seized on the opportunity to pump more money into Republican primary elections and ultimately managed to elect some of the stars of the current crisis, including Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.).

In the wake of the ruling, the IRS was pressured by activists and Democrat politicians to target conservative non-profit groups. In fact, former IRS official Lois Lerner offered a faux apology for the targeting of conservative groups, in particular.

If you can, support the movie tonight. Those who are brave enough to take a stand deserve to be heard. If they are supported, they will continue their important work to expose government corruption.

Buy your tickets here, or just show up and pay cash, if you are worried about being audited.

Here is a preview:


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