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Is Courting the Latino Vote Worth it?

The Latino community is the voting bloc of ever-increasing importance in politics today. Reasons why are the subject of much arguing. Our porous southern border has seen an even bigger influx of illegals in the last few years, including many children, and they’re coming from all over Latin America now.

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Latinos have traditionally voted overwhelmingly for democrats, which shouldn’t be a shock to anyone shortly. So unsurprisingly democrats are pushing hard to make our political process a one party system through the use of third world demographics. But establishment republicans don’t sound any different. At the behest of lobbyists and a desire for cheap labor they’re selling any free market, conservative principles down the river.

You will often hear pep phrases like, “Latin Americans are born conservatives. They’re hard-working, family-oriented, and devoutly religious.” But the actual state of Latin America, almost entirely so, is a much different story. Case in point, the Pink Tide.

South American countries that shifted left during the Pink Tide.
Latin American countries with far-left administrations.

Yeah, it’s not just Cuba before or Venezuela now, almost all of Latin America has moved far to left over the last two decades.

There’s a few things to celebrate. A few nations have privatized social security. Chile most prominently but also Bolivia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Mexico. But things like this are the exception, not the rule. If they were abandoning these nations to escape these policies, why are their ideological counterparts in America, the democrats, practically salivating over the influx of the people who voted for them in their home countries?

As for devoutly religious, the first Latin American pope is a devout socialist. Yes, socialist. He’s a watermelon.

So here’s the question. When these are the homegrown political policies of Latin Americans, can they honestly be courted as voters with small government principles? It doesn’t seem likely, all empirical evidence shows them going in the opposite direction. Even tough talk on border security hurts candidates with Latino voters. Apparently even if you’re 100% born and raised American, if you’re of Latin descent you’re in favor of the chaos on our southern border. That’s simply what the numbers say.

Scenes from a Venezuelan book fair.
Scenes from a Venezuelan book fair.

It may well be impossible to win without the Hispanic vote. But if you have to sacrifice your principles and become a parrot of the left to win their vote, is it worth it?

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