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Is Free Speech Now Subject To Sharia Law?

The attacks on Pamela Geller were entirely predictable. No, I’m not talking about the two gunmen who foolishly thought Texas was a good place to do jihad, I’m talking about the critics that blame Geller for the terrorist attack. The usual array of liberal pundits on CNN was joined by Donald Trump in attacking Geller for daring to stand up for free speech, accusing her of provoking Muslims into violence; even Fox News’ Martha MacCallum piled on. I suppose speech is only free if it doesn’t offend Muslims now?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf we take Islam out of the equation, does their argument stand? Just a few weeks ago we heard reports from Florida beaches about young women being gang raped. Were they at fault for wearing bikinis and provoking the men into rape? Of course not, we have standards of behavior for men than that; unless of course we submit to the demands of radical Islam and make women wear burkas to the beach.

The idea that drawings of Muhammad are blasphemous is a belief unique to Islam, but critics of Geller would have us all live according to their belief. Are they ready to also live according to the belief that women should never be seen without their heads covered in case that provokes Muslims to violence as well?

WTC 911Imagine what would happen if Muslims were provoked to violence because we don’t all live according to Sharia Law… oh wait, we don’t have to imagine that, we saw it on September 11, 2001. In April of 2013 Muslims were again provoked into violence by our foreign policy, shall we acquiesce on that front as well?


Islam is not the only religion to be insulted. In fact Christianity is routinely mocked and ridiculed by the left, and they are comfortable doing so because they know Christians will behave according to the standards of behavior that our society has established. Apparently Islam is suffering from the ‘soft bigotry of low expectations’ on the part of Geller’s critics.

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James P Willis lives with his family in Blacksburg, Virginia. He is a Cold War submarine veteran, political activist, and retired industrial mechanic. James is currently an Editor / Contributor for NewsNinja2012, a freelance writer, and his blog can be found at

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