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IS HE DRUNK? Bob Beckel: Hillary could crush Trump from jail [VIDEO]

You know I don’t miss this man from Fox News show The Five. Democratic blowhard Bob Beckel was given his opinion about a Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump general election race and as you can see he is in it all the way for “crooked Hillary.”

“In the end, the best-selling Halloween mask this October will be Donald Trump’s face,” Beckel said. “You go on to a college campus and mention Donald Trump, and people flee to the woodwork.”

Beckel added, “I mean, she can crush him from jail.”

Beckel is a washed up drunk and a rabid liberal. No wonder why Fox News got rid of him. He showed up drunk and high to work on the Five one to many times. The day he signed off for the last time on Fox their viewership increased by 20%.

Here we go! The liberal media expert pundits are now going to fly to the Democratic nomination with their candidate who can be indicted at any time by the FBI. I also wonder what’s taking so long to put this woman in chains.

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