Is #HitlerWasRight and #HitlerDidNothingWrong actually trending?

How does one know when a uncrossable line has been obliterated and there is no going back? When #HitlerWasRight and #HitlerDidNothingWrong are trending on Twitter. And they are not just trending in the Middle East, but across the world. People everywhere have gone crazy in their hatred for Israel. They’ve lost their minds. The world’s collective sanity is gone. Not that it was ever really real. It was always an illusion, that the world was and is stable.

Israel is the most hated country in the world. The entire world is against her and wants her wiped off the map. This goes deeper than Islam. But more than anything, these trending topics prove that the world is about to change in a catastrophic way. The world is marching at a feverish pace toward the Tribulation period the Bible discusses. This is happening and in real-time. None of this is invented or made up. It’s as real as a heart attack. Weep now because this is going to come to a head. Death and Hell are coming to planet earth and this is proof of the evil that is about to descend upon this sin sick world.

Only a fool would say that another Holocaust isn’t possible. That people have changed and would stop something of this magnitude from happening beforehand. Guess what, it’s happening right now. There is no stopping it. Israel’s Gaza offensive is bringing out the entire world’s Anti-Semitism. Today, there is no need to hide one’s hate for Israel. Another Holocaust is coming and it will make the first one look like a lazy stroll through the park. The time of Jacob’s trouble is upon us, as the Bible has given all Christians a manuscript of this time in history. It is the Tribulation and we are upon it.

Now, the entire world is aligning against Israel, as predicted in the Bible. There is no stopping the tide. God’s plan for the ages is unfolding before our eyes. Soon the time of the Gentiles will be completed, and His attention will turn to his people. Israel will go through a literal Hell on earth, but will be redeemed in the end. In the meantime, we watch and wait, knowing what is coming. Israel is in peril and the rumbling is just getting louder. It is almost time.

About Janna Brock

Janna Brock is a staunch Christian conservative with a passion for writing about all topics that have to do with civil liberties, the gay agenda, Islam, and the the atrocities of the Obama Administration.

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