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Is The U.S To Blame For The Syrian Refugee Crisis?

Tonight during the debates it was said that the reason the Syrian refugee crisis was happening is because the U.S. abruptly left Iraq before the job was done. That sounds very much like the situation in Vietnam, doesn’t it? Of course, the finger was pointed at President Barack Obama and his administration. But is it really Obama’s fault?

I have always opposed the war in Iraq. From its very inception, I was against it and advised against it. My view was quite similar to what Senator Rand Paul said tonight, toppling Hussein would destabilize the region. Hussein was a bad man; he committed many atrocities. This is indisputable and not the point up for debate. As evil as Hussein may have been, he kept certain people in the region in check. He kept Iraq in check.

Once the big-money puppet masters decided to go in there and topple him, because of those “weapons of mass destruction,” I knew we were screwed. I am no expert on foreign relations, and I am no expert on the Middle East. However, I have this thing called common sense. Anyone who objectively looks at this situation, will have no choice but to admit that all of these events that have subsequently happened, including the refugee crisis, is a direct result of the region being destabilized by none other, than us.

All that being said, when I see someone saying, “this is not our problem,” I often wonder if they have taken a moment to examine how our actions in the region could have led to this. Mind you, if you examine Latin America, you would find similar patterns.

I’m American and I love this country, but I am real enough to acknowledge that we are not perfect. The question is, will you continue to say, “not my problem,” or will you also be honest about our role in all of this?

As I said before, I am not an expert. I’m just a blogger commenting about his opinions on what has been observed. If you are an expert on this topic, and you disagree with my points, please do enlighten me as I’d love to learn more.

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