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ISIS Calls for Deaths of President Obama and Christians Following Killing of Abu Sayyaf

Abu Sayyaf, a senior leader of ISIS, was killed on Saturday near the Syrian city of al-Amr during an overnight raid by U.S. Special Forces. Sayyaf’s wife was captured, and a Yezidi woman, believed to have been held as a slave was freed. After the killing of Sayyaf, ISIS supporters took to social media. They called for the death of President Barack Obama and the worshippers of the cross (i.e. Christians). A graphic image of President Obama being beheaded was also posted, with the word “SOON” written in both Arabic and English.


I have seen several posts on Facebook entertaining the idea that ISIS could kill President Obama, and somehow make things better for our country. While it is true that our country seems to be at an all-time low, in many respects, and much of it is due to the Obama administration’s unlawful overreaches, and unscrupulous dealings, we cannot allow ourselves to entertain such notions. We cannot allow a terrorist organization to murder our President, our government officials, or our citizens, under any circumstances. We cannot allow our emotions to dictate our reactions or behavior. Have we not seen enough of this from the terrorists or from the violent reactions to perceived injustices in our own country? Despite how we may feel toward our President, our government, or one another, we must maintain some self-control.

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By allowing this terrorist trash to cause us to entertain such ideas, we are allowing ourselves to become tools for them within our own country. They want us to become accepting of these types of thoughts and actions. So, that when they win us over, we will already have the same mindset they have. They seek to divide us, and destroy us. If we don’t stand up for ourselves, our country, and one another, and get back to what is important, then they have already won, and we have given them the victory.

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