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ISIS Knifemen Behead Priest In French Church!

Horrifying report this morning as two ISIS scum walked into a French church and beheaded a priest while capturing hostages. The ISIS knifemen were killed but if this calculated cold effort by these terrorists is that bold, what are they capable of doing to others?

Why are these people still free to do this in France? Don’t you people get it? Radical Islamic terrorism exists and these people want every infidel (Westerner) dead. They will not stop because you understand them, reach out to them, or are nice to them – they want you dead. Why don’t you people wake up?

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From Daily Mail:

A priest has been ‘beheaded’ by two ISIS knifemen who cut his throat after bursting into a French church and taking nuns and worshippers hostage before being shot dead by police.

Five people including the 86-year-old priest, two nuns, and two parishioners were held by assailants who raided the church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray near Rouen in Normandy at 9am.

The clergyman, named as Jacques Hamel, is believed to have been beheaded during the attack while another hostage is fighting for life in hospital.

The two attackers were ‘neutralised’ by marksmen as they emerged from the building, which is now being searched for explosives. French president Francois Hollande said the men ‘claimed to be from’ ISIS while the terror group has claimed responsibility through its news agency.

There were reports the attackers shouted ‘Daesh’ – an alternative name for ISIS often used by the French government – as they ran into the church while at least one of the men was dressed in Islamic clothing.


When are the French going to wake up and start kicking these Muslims out of their country? And remember Hillary Clinton wants to bring another million of these Muslims here to the US. I don’t understand why they can’t round them up put them in a secure facility until they can ship them back where they came from. It’s not rocket science people!

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