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Islam, the Ideology of Lunatics!

If I were to tell people that I married an infant, and that I have been hearing messages from God while wearing my child-spouse’s clothing, they would immediately call the men in white coats to come take me away. Yet, this is exactly what the prophet Muhammad did. He married his child-bride, Aisha, when she was an infant. He molested her until he deflowered her at the age of nine and claimed that he could only receive divine messages while wearing her robe. Allah considered him to be the ideal man. However, he was nothing more than a cross-dressing pedophile suffering from auditory hallucinations.

The Qur’an was written more than 500 years after the last book of the Bible. Muhammad took bits and pieces from various religions and made up the rest to fit his twisted perversions. Today, clerics issue fatwas declaring things the Qur’an said were Halal (permitted) to be Haram (forbidden), and vice versa. They make it up as they go along and it is why Islam is not a religion, but rather a political ideology hell-bent on world domination through a Caliphate.


Followers of Islam claim that it is a “religion of peace.” Yet, their countries are always at war. They simply cannot stop killing, even amongst themselves. The Qur’an is filled with calls for violence against non-Muslims, and Muslims are told to kill the infidels where they find them, Qur’an 2:91-193. They are told to kill the Jews to the point that even a stone would call out to them, revealing the hidden Jew, Sahih Muslim, Book 041, Number 6981. They are encouraged to lie to non-Muslims (taqiyya). Muslims can also dress as we do, eat as we do, and even renounce their faith, as long as they believe in their heart, in order to forward the cause of Islam. One needs look no further than the Qur’an to see that Muslims can never be trusted. They hate all non-Muslims, and everything we stand for.

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About Paula Rich

I'm a mother, student, and patriot writing to inform citizens about important issues of the day. My particular areas of interest are: politics, crime, terrorism, and national security.

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