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Isn’t Germany the Model of Renewable Resources?

Germany is the model of renewable resources but it is also a model of failure. Germany has some 25,000 wind turbines. One would think with so many wind turbines the country would be cruising into the future. But it’s not. The entire power grid is on the verge of collapse.

“The truth is that the Energy U-Turn (“Energiewende”, the German scheme aimed at pushing the “renewable” share of electricity production to 80 % by 2050) is about to fail”

Their situation was made worse with their reckless policy of closing all their nuke plants due to the Fukushima disaster. I will digress a bit to explain the tectonic difference between Japan and Germany. Japan exists because it is a chain of volcanic islands, known as an Island Arc System, due to a subduction zone to the east under the Pacific Ocean. As the Pacific Plate slides under the Asian Plate, the rock melts, sending plumes of molten rock to the surface as volcanoes, making the islands. The reactor incident happened because the Pacific Plate moved, causing an earthquake, causing a tidal wave, which slammed into the Japanese coast.

Germany is not an Island Arc System. There is no active tectonic zone near Germany. The closest is down in the Mediterranean as the African Plate moves under the European Plate, but Germany has the Alps to the south, which is growing absorbing the movement north of Africa. Now, I’m sure the well-respected geologists in Germany have explained this to their government. What that means is the German government was already a priori hostile to nuclear power and needed any excuse to convince society there was good reason for their suffering with ever higher power bills. Leftist governments lying to implement their policy… is the sky blue?

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