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It May be Halal, but You Can’t Order it on a Pizza

Terrorists could have benefited from a clothing drive held by The Midamar Corporation, a leading Halal brand based in the U.S., and Pizza Daddy in Cedar Rapids, which was supposed to help all of the poor, helpless refugees in Syria and Lebanon, if authorities had not discovered their operation. The problem didn’t come from the clothing drive itself, but rather the extra items being packaged along with those meant for refugees.


On March 24, Homeland Security agents discovered records of outbound international cargo shipments to Beirut. One such container was intercepted in Norfolk, two days later. Along with clothes, shoes, honey, and household items, agents discovered 53 firearms, parts, and more than 6,800 rounds of ammunition bound for Syria and Lebanon, hidden in skid loaders.

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Ali Herz, 50; his brother, Bassem Herz, 29; his son, Adam Herz, 22, and Bassem Herz’s wife, Sarah Zeaiter, 24, legally purchased a total of 113 firearms from licensed firearm dealers within the past 17 months. One dealer became suspicious of the purchases, and alerted authorities. Other transactions were not included. The weapons found in the shipping container had been removed from their original packaging, and then placed into plastic bags like those from Pizza Daddy. The exporter, Elissar, is owned by Maitham Herz, brother of Bassem Herz, who also owns Pizza Daddy.


The weapons were transported by truck from Cedar Rapids to a train in Chicago, and finally to Norfolk, where they were loaded onto a cargo ship heading for Beirut. Who knows how long they have operated, or how many similar operations exist? All of those arrested are American citizens, with the exception of Sarah Zeaiter, who is from Lebanon, but has permanent residency. I’m sure, that if President Obama says anything at all about this, he will not mention the word “Muslim”, “Islam”, or “terrorists”. I mean they were just trying to help out the poor refugees, right?

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