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It’s All About the Almighty Dollar From the Beginning to the End

If you haven’t heard, Rev. (using the term loosely) Jeremiah Wright likely has another reason to ask God to “damn” America and this one has to do with Wright’s daughter. “On Friday, a federal jury took less than two hours to convict the daughter of President Barack Obama’s controversial former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, of fraud.”

Gee, such a shame, isn’t it? Just when at least some blacks were beginning to think they were completely above the law due to the slavery issue. Apparently, Jeri Wright likes to spend other people’s money, but in this case, it was money that was earmarked for something else entirely. “Jeri Wright was found guilty of a fraud scheme that siphoned thousands of taxpayer dollars intended for a not-for-profit work and education program known as We Are Our Brother’s Keeper.”

We Are Our Brother’s Keeper (WAOBK) apparently is code for “Take the Taxpayer Dollars and Spend It on Me!” That’s at least the way Jeri looked at it. Jeri took trips to Las Vegas, she bought vehicles, and even remodeled her own basement with cash from the not-for-profit association.

But like many on the left, Jeri left the courtroom stating that she “didn’t do anything” and that she plans to appeal. It appears that the records show that she took at least $11,000 from a total of $30,000 in checks provided to (WAOBK) and deposited the remaining $20,000 or so. In leftist terminology and thinking, apparently taking $11,000 means “I didn’t do anything.”

It took the federal jury under two hours to find Jeri guilty of the charges, but really, what does that mean in today’s upside down world? Right is wrong and wrong is right. The U.S. Attorney prosecuting the case – Jim Lewis – made an interesting statement. He said, “If you take and misuse government money, and then lie about it, you will be held accountable in a court of law.” That almost makes it sound as if you take and misuse money and lie about it, that’s when things will go bad. Jeri took money, spent it on herself, then lied. That’s a no-no, Jeri.

But this also reminds me of another situation involving leftists that is coming to the fore. Joe Newby recently wrote a few articles – here and here – on the recent allegations concerning numerous social sites such as Facebook and Twitter caving into demands of what David Gaubatz has called the “Muslim Mafia” (in his book by the same name). According to the article, Gaubatz stated he had infiltrated a Muslim conference the month prior and learned that a group called “Muslim Advocates, who said the organization is working ‘closely’ with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to close down accounts of users critical of Islam.”

Notice the terminology. The group is “working closely with social media sites…” to eliminate/eradicate any suggestion of criticisms of Islam. Is it a coincidence then that many of the pages of Facebook (FB) or elsewhere that highlight aspects of Islam are simply disappearing? Many of these sites are simply presenting truthful information about Islam.

Here’s what I’m wondering. Why would FB or Twitter give into Muslim Advocates or any Islamic organization? What’s to be gained? Surely, the social sites themselves will come under fire for playing favorites. Would the owners of these sites simply close down accounts and/or pages of people who appear to be critical of Islam to simply keep “the peace”? Would they do this because it keeps things smooth? But it really doesn’t keep things smooth, does it? Once people find out their accounts/pages are being closed down and deleted, they will start complaining – as some have already – and start rallying the troops.

I cannot imagine the owners of these social sites doing this out of the so-called goodness of their heart for Islam, can you? There has to be something else entirely that gets and keeps their attention and makes them willing participants in getting rid of people from their social sites who are seen as being critical of Islam.

First of all, we know that FB, Twitter, and others are privately owned. They can make their own rules and ignore them if they want – it’s what leftists do anyway, so why not? Most people who use social network sites do not pay for the service. They don’t advertise and they don’t pay a monthly fee. Using the services is generally free of charge, isn’t it?

But what if an organization came along – and I may simply be spitballing here – and offered to dump some cash to help with operational costs for these social network sites? What if they made an offer that couldn’t be refused?

“Hey…pssst! How would you like to make a cool few million additional bucks each year? All you have to do is start closing accounts and deleting pages that are critical of Islam? What do you say?”

That would be a very tempting offer, wouldn’t it? I can actually see that happening, though I’m not saying it is happening, nor could I prove it if it was happening. Conversely, what I cannot see happening is some owner of a social network site simply closing down pages, deleting accounts, and suspending people of one particular stripe because some group asked them to do it with no type of monetary incentive as part of the deal. It’s not the way business is done in a capitalistic society.

But, as they say, money talks. More money talks even louder. Ask Jeri Wright who – though said she didn’t do anything – did admit she was guilty of fraud. She used taxpayer money that didn’t belong to her for her own benefit. Most people appreciate and enjoy money and no matter how much they have, they still want more. It’s the idol of idols.

I cannot imagine some owner of a social network refusing to “clean” up his social network site if someone came along and pressed a lot of money into his hand with one simple request.

I’ve long wondered why Islam is making such inroads into the fabric of America. Sometimes, you hear about CAIR suing someone over some issue related to Islam. More often than not though, it seems as though people simply cater to CAIR (and other Islamic organizations) without any kind of struggle. They can’t be that easily swayed so there must be something that helps sway them. There is! It’s the Almighty dollar bill and plenty of them, likely from foreign sources.

The Saudis are very wealthy (although I hear they’re running low on oil) and they are likely using their wealth to change America to their liking. It’s happening from within and it may be happening because people can be bought. No surprise there. Makes perfect sense to me.

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