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It’s all fun and games until grown men start acting like children and somebody starts leaking!

Michael Barbella, 48. and Michael Duffy, 45, can be seen in the video obtained by Deadspin acting like children arguing about Duffy’s daughter being removed from a softball team. In the video, Duffy was caught telling Barbella that was his own fault while Barbella responded that Duffy should worry about his own daughter, which seemed to flip some sort of a switch.

At one point, Duffy basically asks “Do I need to punch you in the face to get you to leave?”

That’s exactly what happened, except Duffy ended up leaving too — in handcuffs.

Yes, grown men do have argument and they don’t see eye to eye many times but that doesn’t mean you should ever put your hands on anyone. These two men should be ashamed and i am 100% sure at the end of the day, both were having a “Monday Morning QB” moment where they probably thought “I should have walked away.”

It’s too late for that now and they will reap the consequences of these events.

Warning: this video has language you may find offensive.

What do you think of these grown men fighting? You would have though age and experience taught them better correct? Share your views below and add this to your twitter and facebook timeline.

H/T – Deadspin

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