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It’s curtains for Fiorina, literally as structure collapses during event – VIDEO

Some Americans have been waiting for the curtains to fall on Carly Fiorina’s campaign for President, but this probably wasn’t what they were picturing. While she was speaking at a campaign event on Sunday, the entire curtain setup behind her collapsed forward around her.

Fiorina has been rising in Republican polls even while facing one scandal from her past after the next. But even as the vultures circle with the expectation that the series of scandals will finish off her campaign, it was shoddy stage setup work which nearly took her down instead.

As it turned out, there was a cutout in the curtains directly behind her, meaning that when the structure collapsed, it landed all around her but didn’t actually hit her – in the same way that a cartoon character is always left standing in the doorway when a wall collapsed around them.

According to Twitter user Patrick Svitek, who was there, no one was injured.

h/t – Twitter

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