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It’s Official! Ted Cruz To Speak at GOP Convention; What Do You Think?

A Trump source, who described the meeting as a “mending of fences,” said the former rivals agreed to a rhetorical cease-fire and promised to work together on issues they agree. One such area is the courts: Trump asked Cruz to assist in cultivating a longer list of conservative judicial appointees, and once more, the Texas senator obliged him.

Today Donald Trump met with Cruz privately, and it seemed their buried the hatchet, or so it seems. Cruz accepted a speaking role at the GOP convention in a couple of weeks. I guess my thoughts run to WHEN will he be speaking? Will he be introduced as a VP pick?

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From ABC News:

Donald Trump met with Sen. Ted Cruz on Capitol Hill on Thursday morning — the first meeting between the two former bitter campaign rivals since Cruz suspended his presidential campaign.

Cruz described the meeting as “positive and productive” and said he accepted Trump’s invitation to speak at the convention.

“I said I’d be very glad to do so,” Cruz told reporters that afternoon.

Cruz, who has withheld throwing his support behind Trump since dropping out of the race, said a possible endorsement was not discussed.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus was also at the meeting, as were Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort; daughter Ivanka Trump; and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, according to senior sources in the Trump campaign.

The sources said that Donald Trump and Cruz decided to come together to “work on several policy issues they agree on,” specifically judicial nominations.

This was Trump’s second trip to Capitol Hill in two months.

This WAS my dream ticket from day one but things have changed the last few months and it’s only natural. I would have loved for Donald Trump to just hand it to the liberal media non-stop for his first term or two allowing Cruz to work behind the scenes and getting conservative policies passed. I felt he would have been a great Constitutional advisor to Trump, and could actually coach him.

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After Trump 1st or 2nd terms, Cruz would take the reigns with a functioning, successful governor; it would be many years of economic growth. Our largest problems in this country are the ill-informed electorate and the liberal media. If you are constantly going on the attack with the media and calling them out on their biased reporting, the light will be shining on them, which in turn will inform the sheeple.

I don’t know about that now. I’ve watched Cruz “followers” burn more bridges than him in the way of unfriending Trump supporters, blocking them and starting rumor clubs because they didn’t get their way. I don’t know about this. Cruz stands to lose more than Trump if he accepts a VP role.

What are your thoughts?

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