It’s Time to #RestoreTheDream2014 via Daniel Stafford

When people hear Ferguson, Missouri they cringe. Their first thought is that it’s just another thugville. #RestoreTheDream2014 shut all those stereotypes down.

Over the last 3 weeks, out in the middle of an empty parking lot on the now famous Florissant Road, stood a prayer tent that served as a backdrop for the Restore The Dream 2014 tour. The tour started in Washington, D.C. and made its way to their final stop in Ferguson.

The resonating message from Alveda King, niece of MLK Jr., was to restore that dream. Alongside her was Lynn Jackson, the great-granddaughter of Dred Scott, Niger Innis and Wayne Dupree.

The message was and is simple: It’s time to restore the dream!

For far too long, people have sat idly thinking that someone else is out there making change happen. But the sad state of reality is that nobody is out there, and if there is, no one is listening.

The death of Mike Brown woke a lot of people up to the idea that there is still so much hate out there. Now that people are awake, they understand that as the community begins to heal, they can band together and heal as one.

To help with that was the uncle to Mike Brown as he offered a very strong, emotional prayer. As time for the event was closing, men and women and children of all races stood hand in hand during the prayer.

The takeaway message is that the dream has not ended, it’s still very much alive. And for things to change, get up and be the change.

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