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JD Winteregg: The Cure for Electile Dysfunction

The 8th District of Ohio is the most conservative district in Ohio at R + 15, but at the same time it has a problem. That problem is called electile dysfunction due to having a congressman who has represented that district for 23 years. That congressman is John Boehner, the Speaker of the House. As 2013 had been bad for Boehner in that he voted against defunding Obamacare, voted for raising the debt ceiling, and basically enabled President Barack Obama in every way, he is at his most vulnerable this year. Who is out there to support We The People? Who will stand against Boehner when he is at his most vulnerable with 49% support in District and only 25% support when running against an unnamed Republican?

Fortunately, there is one person. His name is J.D. Winteregg. He is a high school teacher and a Tea Party member. In a conference call that was sponsored by John LaRosa and Brad Marston of Four Tier Strategies and I had partaken in, Winteregg had laid out his approach to defeating Boehner. One thing that was brought up is that Boehner does not live in the District and when he does come to the district he meets with the wealthier constituents and very rarely does meet and greets or Town Hall Meetings. On the other hand, Winteregg has been most effective in the district, having spoken to over 100,000 voters and knocking on roughly 20,000 homes.

In fact, Winteregg has been so effective in the district that Boehner has resorted to opening a campaign office 3 miles from Winteregg’s. Boehner has put out television ads which state he is a man of the people, mowing the lawn and such, but they had not been effective. Winteregg has put out a most effective ad which underlines how ridiculous Boehner’s actions are and also highlights the need to discuss the issues.

Winteregg is also an advocate of term limits and having congressmen living IN the District they represent so as to better connect with the constituents. He is also different than Scott Brown. However, he has also nationalized the ad because he believes that if Boehner is taken out, then the national spotlight and culture is changed.

JD Winteregg is really a voice of We The People, a David going up against the mighty Goliath that is the Republican establishment. WE all know what happened when David went up against Goliath.

J.D. Winteregg’s donation page
J.D. Winteregg’s Facebook page

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