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Jeb Bush answers Donald Trump ➡ “ludicrous” to say I would not control the border

Reacting to criticism from Donald Trump that he would be weak on Border Security, Jeb Bush told a Town Hall audience in New Hampshire that you can have great affection for the Mexican people and their culture and still believe in the Rule of Law. He called it “ludicrous” to say he would not want to control the border.

I know this is a soundbyte but if he was serious, something about stopping illegal immigration would have been included you think?

My take, either he’s not happy Trump is talking about it before he is or it’s not the number one thing on his list to talk about and some Americans won’t like that. You decide.

Do you think illegal immigration is at the top of Jeb Bush’s presidential agenda? Let us know what you think below in our comment section. Don’t forget to share on your twitter and facebook account to see what others say.

H/T – CBS Miami


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