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Jeb Bush “guarantees” Trump won’t be nominee; Trump responds “I intend to win”

During an interview with CNN, GOP candidate Jeb Bush, said the pundits are “obsessed about” the idea of Donald Trump winning the nomination, but then he said something that has people scratching their heads.

“And if you measure who you vote for on those three things, I can guarantee you Donald Trump is not going to be the nominee,” he added at the town hall in Hooksett. “And I believe I have a fighting chance, a really good chance to make that happen.”

Here’s my question, how can you guarantee unless you are planning shenanigans later on? Even if you had a strategy like this, why publicize it? It’s going to destroy what is left of the Republican party if the powers that be think they are going to get away with taking action against Trump and the voters.

Here is a very extensive and an excellent interview Donald Trump did with CNN’s Don Lemon on Wednesday. This is one of the best interviews I’ve ever since with Donald Trump.

They cover a lot of ground, and Trump – as usual – never backed down on anything. He made it clear he is running to win, and he intends to win. He believes he will continue to rise in the polls.

Part 1

Part 2 – Trump on San Bernadino killings

Part 3 – Trump leading in the polls

Part 4 – Trump: Bad guy will always have guns

Do you think the GOP will try to thwart Trump at the GOP convention? What will happen to the party if they try to cheat the voters? Share your views below in the comment section.


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