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Jeb Bush SLAMS Donald Trump; “I’m a proven conservative with a record”

Here is Jeb Bush going on the attack against Donald Trump – a sure sign he is worried about Trump. Just a week or so ago, Bush was saying he wasn’t going to talk about Trump. Now, Trump is front and center in his remarks. He accuses Trump of wanting “the largest tax increase in human history,” supporting “partial-birth abortion until recently,” and not really being a Republican.

“I am a proven conservative with a record, he isn’t”

Trump can point to Ronald Reagan as having been a Democrat before he became a Republican. He can even point out that Reagan – a former Democrat who became a Republican – defeated another Bush (George H.W. Bush) in the 1980 GOP Presidential race, to the great consternation of all the political elites of the day.

Bush’s attacks will only give Trump license to respond and go after Bush. I don’t think it’s going help Bush in the long run.

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H/T – Boston Herald


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