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Jeb Bush Will Destroy Republican Chances Of Taking The White House In 2016

As most of you have heard by now, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush announced this week that he plans to actively explore a run for president. He is planning to start his own political action committee to raise funds and start to gauge the support he would have for a potential candidacy.

If you listen to any conservative talk radio or look through Twitter’s trending Jeb Bush feed, you will sense that the sentiment is already negative. I think there are three key reasons why Jeb Bush as a serious candidate will ruin the Republican’s chances of taking the White House in 2016.

First, let’s go after the obvious – he is a Bush. Now if you’re looking for me to bash President George W. Bush though, stop reading this article now. I was and still remain a fan of his presidency, and think history will look positively on his legacy. The real problem with the Bush last name is that political dynasties are neither what this country was intended for nor what it needs. While Jeb is definitely not of the same political mind as his brother or his father, one can assume that they have the same political confidants and financial backers. This country does not need the same level of influence in the White House for another 4-8 years. We need a fresh set of eyes to run this country. Voters agree with that, and will not elect another Bush into the White House.

Second, we cannot ignore the fact that Jeb Bush is a RINO. He is very pro-amnesty, stating that people who come to this country illegally “… yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony, it’s kind of – it’s a – it’s an act of love.” He is a staunch advocate for Common Core, which has so many things wrong with it from the unproven results of new techniques, to the suspicious funding from the Gates Foundation, to the passionate support from the Obama administration. But the worst part of Common Core is the federal overreach that doesn’t sit well with the Republican and conservative way of governing. By having these vocal stances on two prominent issues, Bush is alienating a huge part of the base which is needed for any candidate to win the general election.

Finally, Jeb Bush entering the race this early may deter the more qualified and universally liked Republican governors from entering the race, such as Governors Rick Perry of Texas, Mike Pence of Indiana, Scott Walker of Wisconsin, or Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. These are some of the leading Republican governors who have much stronger political philosophies and leadership styles than Bush. But having a primary field of multiple governors hurts the odds for one of them to stand out amongst the rest.

Jeb Bush is not a strong candidate with core conservative principles, which is exactly what this country needs to undo, from the damage caused by the Obama administration and his cronies in Congress over the last six years. I certainly hope that Bush’s exploratory committee realizes that before it is too late.

About Diana Sepulveda

Diana Sepulveda is a resident of Brooklyn, NY. She has been actively involved in Republican organizations for over eight years by volunteering on local and city-wide campaigns, participating in community service events, and becoming a member of the local county Republican committee. Diana is currently the President of the Brooklyn Young Republicans, and a contributor to Behind Enemy Lines Radio. Diana is a graduate of Pace University, where she received a B.B.A. in Public Accounting with Cum Laude honors, as well as an M.B.A. in Public Accounting. When not focused on politics, Diana works as a Senior Accountant at a public accounting firm based in Midtown Manhattan.

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