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Jihad In America: Plot To Behead Boston Cops


rahim knife 3

Once again on American soil Muslim terror suspects have been prevented from carrying out an attack; this time the targets were police officers in Boston. Usaama Rahim, 26, was shot by a police officer after he refused to drop the knife he was brandishing. Rahim had been under surveillance by the Joint Terrorism Task Force after a plot to behead police officers was discovered. Another suspect David Wright, along with a third unidentified suspect was arrested on Tuesday. Wright, who appears to be cooperating with the FBI, said that the original plans had been to attack someone in another state but was changed by Rahim to target police officers. While our President has chosen to ignore acts committed by followers of Islam as well as the numerous killings of police officers since Ferguson, I hope the American people have at last seen the threat we are facing.


Jihad is no longer something being waged in a distant land; it is here in America. People have grown complacent since the attacks of 9/11. Freedom Tower has been built to take the place of the Twin Towers, and an entire generation too young to remember it fails to understand the threat. The thwarted attack in Garland, Texas was the most recent high profile terror incident until Tuesday. There are many incidents occurring daily which receive little or no notice.

The threat however, is greater than most Americans realize. They are recruiting our children online to join their cause right in our own homes, and our children are being brainwashed in our schools to accept the Islamic ideology for the sake of political correctness. They claim that Islam is the “religion of peace”, yet most predominantly Muslim countries have been laid to waste because they are always at war.

We need to stand up for our country and the ideals that created it. We cannot give in to terrorists who want nothing more than to turn America into the very hellholes they came from.

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I'm a mother, student, and patriot writing to inform citizens about important issues of the day. My particular areas of interest are: politics, crime, terrorism, and national security.

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