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Jill Stein Playing Games? Challenges Hillary Joining Recount At Last Minute

I don’t think many people will buy this at all. It seems that Green Party candidate Jill Stein is not happy that Hillary Clinton has joined the Wisconsin and Pennsylvania recounts.

Stein has weathered the social media storm and accusation playing field all week long and now she speaks against Hillary on Saturday night?

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Let them recount the recounts as many times as they want in the meanwhile you all can practice saying PRESIDENT TRUMP. Eventually, you will be able to say it without crying.

Doesn’t this seem like a game Stein and Clinton are playing? Rumors are George Soros is funding this recount stunt which is why she was able to raise so much in so little time.

Anything to delegitimize Trump’s Presidency. Clinton will have fewer votes in these states once voter rolls are compared with death certificates and citizenship status. I for one don’t mind watching her lose again, this time even worse.

I love all the people that want to talk about how she won the popular vote! Seriously? Over 3 million of those votes were by illegals and dead people! Those votes are disqualified, so explain to me again how she won? You want to talk about peace, yet you spread hate. You tell people voting for Trump that they would have to accept the outcome of the election then protest, riot, and demand recounts. This is hypocritical!

The election is over; Donald Trump will be your president and both Stein and Clinton better recognize. The electoral college is still the best option even though your person didn’t win. Stop listening to the media, open your eyes, and pay attention to what is going on around you.

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