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Jill (Who?) Stein Raising Money For Recount In WI, MI, and PA

Even though I don’t know that much about Green Party candidate Jill Stein, I thought she might be an honest 4th or 5th party candidate who was fighting on a lower scale to stop Hillary Clinton. In a way, I thought she was an innocent and honest character.

Don’t you find it suspect Stein is raising money for recounts in swing States ONLY is identified her with Hillary? What is Jill saying about illegal votes and other election malpractices? Where was Jill when Trump complained about his votes being converted to Hillary?

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Obviously, Stein knows she has no chance of winning any of these states. I find it suspicious that they’re not contesting states the Democrats won. Also, she’s not contesting any states that have low electoral votes. This is just weird.

From Yahoo News:

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is raising money for a recount in several key states following New York magazine’s report that several top computer scientists told Hillary Clinton’s campaign that they had found possible voter manipulation in several states.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Stein press director Meleiza Figueroa said Stein would be filing for a recount, though Figueroa said she “can’t let you know the details yet.”

“The Green Party has always been at the forefront of fights to stand up for our democracy,” Figueroa said.

Stein also announced a fund-raising campaign to “demand recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania,” where the campaign claimed there are “significant discrepancies in vote totals.”

As of midday Wednesday, Stein had raised less than $10,000. That’s nowhere near her goal of raising $2.5 million by Friday, which is around $500,000 less than she raised in the entire election cycle.

It’s unclear why Stein is raising money to spur a recount that would in theory throw the election to Clinton, whom Stein called the “queen of corruption.”

The Guardian reported on Tuesday that activists had approached Stein, who declined to pursue a recount, citing a lack of funds.

The Green Party candidate appears to be slightly in debt. According to a Federal Election Commission filing from mid-October, Stein had just under $30,000 less on hand than she owed in campaign debts.

Mark Dice addressed this in his latest video:

So let me get this straight. Stein wants to use other people’s money to recount States President-Elect Donald Trump won, but she’s not working to help Hillary? This is bad comedy.

Hey, who cares right? She better hurry, the window that allows for recount closes in four days

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